Wizard (Wiz for short) is a mad scientist character for Death Battle voiced by Ben Singer .

Character / PersonalityEdit

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Wiz is a mad scientist character who loves science and mathematics. Wiz conducts experiments and creates inventions such as deadly bacteria and various machines. He has also stated that he has a robotic arm that tends to malfunction. Wiz often sees things from a more scientific and logical view. He and co-host Boomstick do not get along very well, however, Wiz plays the straight man of the pair.

In The Desk of Death Battle , Wiz and Boomstick agree on their hatred of interns.

Apperances outside of Death BattleEdit

Wiz voices over the Death Battle segment in the  Club Mario Clip of the WeekIn Unique Sponsorships , he and Boomstick introduce the new sponsor, "Fran's Nipple Depuffers".

In The Desk of Death Battle , he regularly yells at Jocelyn and treats her poorly. In fact, this is one of the few things that Wiz and Boomstick agree on - their hatred of interns, and are both happy to take advantage of them.

Wiz hosted Top 10 Cyborgs. Wiz and Boomstick made a crossover with Sonic's Channel together, in a let's play of Sonic CD[1]. Wiz hosted a Death Battle during Red vs Blue.

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