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Craig, Destin and Corey count down the best ever Genesis games.


Top 20 Genesis Games (20–11)
Upload Date September 16th 2008
Hosts Craig, Corey, Destin
Series Top 10's


There were over 700 games on the Genesis. Craig couldn't play all the games on the list, so he got Corey and Destin to help out. There will be two lists.

20. X-Men 2: Clone Wars. After a huge success from the original X-Men games, the second game made Magneto playable. Destin was extremely happy with this, which creeps out Craig and Corey. One of the most incredible soundtracks on the Genesis is in this game.

19. TMNT: Hyperstone Heist. The ninja turtles might be the coolest thing ever. It was pretty much the same as Turtles in Time. It is straight hack and slash fun. Being a clone of the best hack and slash ever isn't necessarily a bad thing.

18. Mutant League Football. EA once produced NFL games without the NFL licence. People also bought NFL games without the license. There were skeletons and mutants, and there were obstacles like minefields to avoid. It was possible to bribe or even kill the ref!

17. Shining Force. RPG's were easy to overlook on the Genesis. It is a shame because of how good Shining Force was. The game didn't add anything over revolutionary, but it was just fun. The name of the group is called Shining Force. Craig is excited about being able to fight the dragon - to which Corey calls him lame.

16. Altered Beast. Destin hates this game. He hates the shin kicks. Altered Beast is about getting buff and turning into animals.

15. Kid Chameleon. Everyone loves power ups, and this game has a ton. Ninjas, a knight, Jason, and a tank that shoots skeletons! Destin wishes he could turn into something cool like Kid Chameleon.

14. Comix Zone. Comic books are awesome. The bad guy draws enemies to take the player out. This takes the console to its fullest, but no one played it because it came out when the Genesis was dead.

13. Out if this World (Another World). Not a huge success, but Out of this World did make an influence on the gaming world. Anything Kojima said influenced him has to be good. It was known for its cinematics and cutscenes.

12. Earthworm Jim 2. The 90's were summed up by Earthworm Jim. When he returned for the sequel, Destin was excited to see what he would bring back. Craig describes the hilarious situations Jim got into.

11. Mortal Kombat. How many Genesis' were sold because of Mortal Kombat besides Sonic? It didn't look any better then the Super Nintendo version. People played it for the blood. Craig went to his friend's house to play it on the Genesis.


Top 20 Genesis Games (20–11)
Upload Date October 18th 2008
Hosts Craig, Ben
Series Top 10's


People have been asking for the top ten Genesis games. Remember, it is just one game per franchise.

10. Golden Axe. Everyone has to have played Golden Axe at some point. Craig describes the characters. Dragons breathing fire, some horrid death screens, and beating magical elves.

9. Vector Man. It is one of the prettiest. Shooting balls at other dudes and robots. It was so successful it got a sequel, and was never heard of again. Until it was put in a million best of collections.

8. Castlevania Bloodlines. You can't call yourself a Castlevania until you have this one. It has two playable characters, and is one of the hardest in the series. This ass kicking was different because it was bloody. Europe even censored the game.

7. Rocket Knight Adventures. At the height of rodent based sidescrollers, Rocket Knight was vastly overlooked, and we have no idea why. Starring a possum named Sparkster, he carried a sword and a rocket pack. Aren't those the only two things you need to be awesome?

6. Shinobi 3. Easily the best game in the franchise, it features everything a ninja game needs. Crazy ninja powers, jumping off walls and surfboards? One of the powers is to go kamakazi. Taking one for the team.

5. Phantasy Star 2. It was just like every RPG on the market, just on steroids. Gamers were shocked when they killed off a main character a decade before Final Fantasy VII.

4. Gunstar Heroes. The NES has Contra, the Neo Geo had Metal Slug, and the Genesis had Gunstar Heroes. It was an incredible shooter. Many power ups, explosions everywhere and co-op. There is a reason why it is one of the most popular Mega Drive games in Japan.

3. Streets of Rage 2. Back in the days of stabbing a guy with a knife, and not have to worry about an M rating. Players would swear by Streets of Rage. The second one is better because it didn't feature a kangaroo like in 3. The crazy moves were taken out from the original though. Players don't have to play it in arcades anymore, so download it!

2. Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The hedgehog would always make the list. The third hit the ball out of the park. This was the fastest game to date. Little kids were peeing their pants in excitement. The music was made by Michael Jackson.

Craig does a recap.

1. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Craig's just kidding.

1. Strider. Almost a perfect port from the arcades. Strider's blade ripped throuhg a dragon and a giant monkey. The NES version sucked.

At the end of the video, Craig asks for help for the best single song from an entire franchise.