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A Screwattack Top 10 is a series where Screwattack employees counts down a particular list relating to video games.

The series was created in 2006 by Craig following a conversation with Mark MacDonald, editor for the network. MacDonald was looking for new content for his video gaming website, and asked Skistimas to create a Top 10 episode to be hosted on the site. A pilot episode was produced within 24 hours, and published to on October 12, 2006. These episodes were hosted by Craig alongside co-host Tom.

ScrewAttack's big break came from the Top 10's when Gametrailer's offered to have ScrewAttack's Top 10's shown on their site. Many ScrewAttack members play apart in the top 10's, and several arguments have started between the entire crew because of top 10's. The g1's were asked for nominations for the Top 10 Video Games Theme Ever, where over 15,000 entries were suggested on the official ScrewAttack forums. After Tom left ScrewAttack, Nick began hosting the show alongside Craig in December 2009.

GameTrailers continued to host new episodes, alongside ScrewAttack's own website until October 2013, at which point they moved back to ScrewAttack's YouTube channel and website. In May 2013, episodes of The Top 10 were distributed on The Escapist's Escapist Extras Program (EXP) channel[1].

In 2014, the the Top 10's became top 5's, but also had a second 'Honorable Mentions' video. The actual top 5 was scripted, but the honorable mentions were improvised with just the actual contenders known going into recording. Due to fan backlash, in 2015, the Top 5's became Top 10's again.

Shaun joined the regular hosts in 2015, and made unusual top 10 lists. Nick hosted the show alone when Craig and Shaun left ScrewAttack in October 2016.

In late 2018, Nick announced on Twitter that he and Top 10 will be moving over to RoosterTeeth's news division, The Know.



  • The theme music for the show is an instrumental version of "Urban Epidemic" by DJ Britt, which has been used to introduce almost every episode since the very first one.


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