As Craig leaves the ScrewAttack Top 10's, he reminisces about his favorite top 10's he has done over the past ten years.

Top 10 Screwattack Top 10s
Upload Date October 7th 2016
Hosts Craig, Nathan Barnett (flashback), Jose (flashback), Shaun (outro, flashback), Nick (flashback), Ben (flashback), Deejay (flashback), Mickey (flashback), Gerardo (flashback), Torrian (flashback), Destin (flashback), Chad (flashback), Corey (flashback)
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This will be Craig's last top 10 for ScrewAttack. He started doing them back in 2006! So much has changed in that time. Several images from old top 10's are shown. Craig decides that for his last top 10, he will count down ScrewAttack's top 10's! The top 10's aren't going anywhere, so just freak out. Craig and Shaun have bigger fish to fry. It is a meta top 10!

10. Top 10 Douchebags . This will be a casual countdown. Craig wanted to be able to say whatever he wanted to say with no restrictions. Early on was top 10 douchebags. It was the first time that Tom and Craig did the top 10's as well as having one of their interns, Jose. They called out Jack Thompson in the video, who was a thorn in the side of video games. Craig wants to say that they were the first to say the Duck Hunt dog was a douchebag.

9. Top 10 P#$$y @ass B!tches . Some people liked it, some didn't like it. Craig loved the idea. After coming off of douchebags, they did it because they could. Craig liked calling out the weiney boys. Craig likes calling people out.

8. Top 10 Console game lists. This kind of breaks the one per franchise rule, but you can't make a top 10 list series without the 'best of console games' lists. Craig has always loved these lists (NES , Genesis , Dreamcast , SNES , PlayStation , Nintendo 64, , GameCube, Wii , Wii U ), because they are a definitive answer. A lot of people thought the crew were legitimite when it came to the top 10's, as they ended up on Wikipedia pages, which was really cool.

7. Top 10 Fuck Ups . Craig loves calling people out including themselves. They called out everyone in the video game industry. It was a fun list to make.

6. Top 10 Games that Need to Be Made . This is near and dear to Craig's heart. Most of the games have been made! Star Fox, Strider, Killer Instinct, Marvel vs Capcom 3, NBA Jam and NFL Blitz. 6 of the ten games have been made, and others have been rumored. The furthest off they were was a Kid Icarus game for the Wii.

5. Top 10 Slides . When Shaun was introduced to the top 10's, he begged Craig for a year to make the top 10 Slides. Craig gave in, and he did it for his first top 10, and Shaun nailed it. Shaun is suck a fun guy to work with. This is the only list that Craig wasn't a part of to make this top 10.

4. Top 10 Best and Worst Mario Games . Best Mario and Worst Mario games first aired a long time ago back when GameTrailers existed. GameTrailers was huge and really helped ScrewAttack a lot. Craig talked to Brad from GameTrailers, who said that ScrewAttack can say things that GT can't. The Mario games stick out because the videos linked to each other. They made up the backstory for Hotel Mario.

3. Top 10 Head lines . At the end of the year, video game websites like to list the big events of the year. Craig thinks those are stupid, but they get views. Craig likes to guess what was coming up over the following year, starting in 2010. They did it four times. Some of the time, they were actually right! They guessed there would be a new 360, and it got announced! Duke Nukem Forever got a release date, Reggie being featured in Smash - which was how they announced it, and the apocolypse was predicted at number 1 each time. Thank God that didn't happen.

2. Top 10 Video Game Themes Ever . Right when GameTrailers was blowing up, this list was made. It was requested for a long time, and they turned it over to the g1's and got over 15,000 suggestions! You had to have an account to be a part of this conversation. This was the apex for video game involvement, and the g1 s got it right.

1. Top 10 Worst Ways to Die . This was the first top 10 they ever did for Craig spent a year trying to get people's attention. Craig knew that they needed to get other people's attention, so Craig got Mark McDonald was the first person to give the crew an opportunity. Craig wanted their top 10's to be better than other people's top 10's. It was in 360p! You couldn't make the same video today with licensed music and clips. It really set the tone for videos moving ahead.

Craig came up with the idea, wrote it, recorded it under a cover in his parent's house, edited it, created the assets within 24 hours. Mark was surprised that they worked so fast. There were some spoilers in it, but who cares.

There is a huge announcement coming on the 10th of October. Shaun wants top 10 slides on the list.

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