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Nick counts down the most psychotic characters in video games.

Top 10 Psychos
Upload Date April 10th 2015
Hosts Nick
Series Top 10's



Psychos make games more interesting. Whether playing as them or against them, they add fear and charm to the experience. Only one crazy person per franchise, and they don't make the list if there is an excuse for them acting crazily.

10. Sander Cohen - Bioshock Infinite. Art imitates life, or in Sander's case - death. Sander uses torture and homicide, using the player as his bloody brush. It gives the player a break from the usual voices dominating the game.

9. Dr. Richard Trager - Outlast. A friendly voice gives direction in Outlast, helping the player get out of the asylum. Unfortunately, they aren't sane. Dr. Trager ties the player to a wheelchair, before graphically removing your fingers. He looks terrifying, and his gentle voice is scary.

8. The Director - Stuntman series. Every movie shoots scenes shot by shot with a lot of attention put into the safety of the actors involved. Except for Stuntman. The director sets up an entire chase scene, while giving directions only to the main driver. His cues are as dangerously close to the marks as possible, blows up cars, helicopter, jets and the budgets after hundreds of retakes. Imagine having to rebuild the entire town after destroying it.

7. Randy Tugman - Dead Rising 2. Dead Rising's story relies on its psychopaths. Randy wears a bunny gimp suit, while trying to find a bride in the wedding chapel. He kidnaps women and makes them marry him. They get the chainsaw if they say no. Good on Capcom for making it 'humorous'.

6. Sheogorath - The Elder Scrolls franchise. Sheogorath is deity crazy. He is the god of madness. He tends to the mushrooms of his garden, threatens to use your intestines to play jump rope. He is never without a sense of humor. His weapon of choice is the Wabbajack. Nick explains the insanity of the Wabbajack.

5. The Joker - Batman: Arkham series. The Joker had to be on here, but loses some points for not being a video game character. He was clearly up to something when he arrived at the asylum.

4. Trevor Phillips - Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar made a character that would believably go on a mad killing spree.  Trevor's loyalty to his friends, and filled with methamphetamine. Nobody doesn't give an F like Trevor. His demeanor makes us forget he is a loony. He does many crazy things in a short period of time. Just don't make fun of him when he trips over a fence.

3. Sweet Tooth - Twisted Metal franchise. Twisted Metal is full of insane characters. Every psychopath list needs a clown - even though we just had the Joker. Sweet Tooth cares about nothing but murder. He likes to chop people into little pieces.

2. Vaas Montenegro - Far Cry 3. Ubisoft didn't know what they were in for when Vaas was created. Vaas insane ramblings were a highlight of the first half of Far Cry 3. He is a perfect foil to Jason Brody. He only had a limited amount of air time, but perhaps that made it so special. He made the cover art despite being a minor boss.

1. Kefka Palazzo - Final Fantasy VII. Kefka seems like a lowly member of a royal society, but that is only what is on the surface. He is a maniac with a short temper. He looks good while acting psychotic. He had a mad bid for power and hatred of society judging by his large number of victims. He kills the emperor and becomes a god, and brings ruin to the country, building a tower from the ashes. The heroes must climb the tower and destroy the crazy clown.

If you didn't like the video we don't care! Nick cares a little bit.