Who has the best hair in gaming? Shaun finds out.

Top 10 Hair Do's
Upload Date August 12th 2016
Hosts Shaun, Achievement Hunter (Matt, Mika, Ryan, Jack) (intro), Chad (intro), Sam (intro)
Series Top 10's



Shaun is in the Achievement Hunter office. This week's top 10 is about hair do's, even though not everybody has it. Shaun shows Chad and Sam's hair. He then shows off the Achievement Hunter team. Jack is a beautiful man. Jack throws his hair back twice.

10. Lara's pony tail - Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider 2 really took it to the next level - with jiggly physics. Not her chest, her pony tail. A pony tail that moved along with Lara was a revolution in 1997. We had horribly low expectations!

9. Dixie Kong's pony tail - DKC2: Diddy's Kong-Quest. Shaun likes blondes, and has a fetish for primates. Put them together and you get Dixie Kong. With her hair, Dixie can skip entire sections of the levels. Using Dixie to cheese his way through DKC2 was a lifesaver for Shaun.

8. Drake's Rock solid hair - Uncharted series. Drake gets in car chases, boat races, plane crashes, train smashes. He can kill anything that gets in his way, but that hair will always be on point.

7. Shantae's hairy wip - Shantae series. Purple hair is pretty hot. She is basically Jasmine and Meg Turney. Shantae whips people with her hair. Shaun wouldn't want to meet Shantae in real life. Shantae might freak out and hit Shaun, causing Shaun to explode. It's a sex joke.

6. White hair, don't care - Devil May Cry series. Dante is sexy. The open jacket, big sword, pistols, and the hair. If you just saw the silhouette, you would know exactly who he was. Fans love his hair so much that fans freaked out when his hair was turned black. It is stupid. Emos whine about stuff.

5. Felia's monstrous hairtyle - Skullgirls. Shaun thought there would be some wacky characters on this list, but forgot about Skull Girls. A fighting game made of characters that use their hair for fighting. Shaun has to give it to Felia. Her hair is basically a parasite that fights alongside her. It morphs into a beast with razor-sharp teeth. It can stand on its own legs, and Felia is its own hair. Who is really the hair here?

4. Cloud's Chocobo hair - Final Fantasy VII. Of all the Final Fantasy characters, it was always going to be Cloud. Whether it ultra high res CGI model, in game battle or the low poly sprite version, the hair style is badass. He has kept the same hairstyle the his whole life. He might not be able to, but why would he change it?

3. Trevor's hairy island - GTA V. Some characters go underappreciated. It is hard to create a memorable character. Rockstar had a lot of balls to create an ugly character. Shaun wants the viewer to name another playable ugly character. Bold is not ugly. Most characters are either completely bald, or have a full head of hair. Trevor has an island of hair.

2. Guile's hair goes with everything - Street Fighter series. Shaun asks if older viewers looked at Guile and accept him immediately, or take a while because of his ridiculous hair. Guile's hair made Shaun think that this game is outrageous. Shaun suggests other crazy characters and abilities.

1. "Hair suit" - Bayonetta. Of course! Bayonetta has the greatest hair in video game history. She isn't wearing a sexy suit, she is wearing her hair! She uses her hair to make demons happen. Shaun finds it hot.

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