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Nick counts down the stupid anime heroes.

Top 10 Dumbest Anime Heroes
Upload Date October 19th 2017
Hosts Nick
Series Top 10's



It is such an anime trope that it is almost a cliche. Characters with limitless potential, but nothing going on in the brain. How dumb do these heroes get?

10. Saitama - One Punch Man. There are different ways to be dumb, and Saitama has no idea what is going on at all times. Saitama is the embodiment of the world oblivious. He devoted his life to heroism, he forgot to register with the hero association! It is like being a race car driver, and needing to be told that you need a licence. He barely passed the written portion of his exam. At least recognize that the sale at the store is not as important as the giant bug monster you're fighting!

9. Misa Amane - Death Note. Death Note is about the smartest kid in Japan getting a hold of a book that kills people by writing their names in it. When an idiot like Misa Amane gets her hands on it. She makes a deal that helps her on her murder quest by halving her remaining lifetime - she does this twice! Nick can understand sacrificing yourself to save a life, but Misa is sacrificing 75% of her life to be a secret terrorist!

8. Serena Tsukino - Sailor Moon. When Serena isn't saving the world with sparkles, she is the ditziest 14 year old you've ever seen. She is a lazy crybaby that wants to sleep in until noon every day, and eat ice cream every waking hour. She is not good at things. If it wasn't for her more intelligence pals, she would be a failure at everything. She got a 28 on a test, and thank god for Sailor Mercury, who she can copy her test answers from.

7. Kamina - Gurren Lagann. Smart characters think with their head, dumb characters think with their penis. Kamina thinks that being a perv is what makes him a man. He literally wants to turn his brain off. He has been called the Man of Unlimited Stupidity.

6. Ash Ketchum - Pokemon. Whatever is going on in Ash Ketchum's brain, something isn't the way it should be. He missed that Professor Oak and his mom are getting it on, his own Pokedex implied his stupidity, and despite his whole world revolves around catching and battling Pokemon, he still fails to grasp some of the most basic strategies. Sending a Pikachu against a rock type or the superior Raichu? After almost 1000 episodes, he has yet to win a single tournament. You would think he would have learned something by now.

5. Uzumaki Naruto - Naruto. Naruto has come a long way. Now he is the leader of a village, is married and has kids. As a kid, he was a bit slow. He flunked out of the academy three times before graduating. He was only suspiciously good at transforming into a naked woman! He still has the blondest of blonde moments. He figured out Nagato could absorb chakra, and then immediately through chakra at him. He once decided to drink spoiled milk. He isn't the only shogen hero wearing orange and blue with spiky blonde hair to appear on this list.

4. Goku - Dragon Ball. Would you look at that! A shogen hero wearing orange and blue with spiky blonde hair! Everybody loves him, but they know the truth. Waking his head against a rock as a baby, and ending up in a jungle away from civilization doesn't help. He can't drive, manage a raddish farm, he used a rare item as his son's hat, and despite having two sons, has no idea where babies come from! There is such thing as a fair fight, but allowing characters to reach their full forms before fighting them are very bad ideas. Entire planets hang in the balance! His intelligence in fighting is brilliant, but in other areas is non-existent.

3. Akihisa Yoshii - Baka and Test. This show literally translates to idiot! This academy accepts the dumbest of students, including Akihisa Yoshii. He is Forrest Gump, if Forrest Gump was a failure. If the other characters expect him to do something stupid, he will surprise them by doing something stupider than that! He didn't even pass the second grade. He is the ultimate idiot.

2. Isaac and Miria - Baccano! Is it a coincidence that this is another show with baka in the title? Yes it is. Isaac and Miria accidentally become immortal drinking what they thought was alcohol. They commit the stupidest crimes ever. They stole the door from the museum, thinking that nobody would be able to enter without an entrance. They thought they could steal time itself by stealing clocks. It took 71 years to realize they didn't age at all. They are the happiest people in the world, but Nick feels stupider having to talk about them this long.

1. Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece. Monkey is about as intelligent as an actual monkey. That's an insult to monkeys. He doesn't understand a thing about the world around him. He doesn't understand a zombie, or a lady who is his mortal enemy in drag. You could probably put a steak in the oven and shove Luffy into it and watch him inevitable burn to death. 

11. Keitaro Urashima - Love Hina. He is so mediocre, that he failed to get into Tokyo U twice. He got in on the third try, and broke his leg on the first day and had to take a year off!