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Nick counts down the best retro Donkey Kong Country levels.

Top 10 Donkey Kong Country Levels (Retro)
Upload Date September 23rd 2016
Hosts Nick, Shaun (flashback), Craig (flashback), Sam (flashback)
Series Top 10's



Donkey Kong is one of the greatest platformer icons ever made. There are lots of iconic levels in the games. Because of this, Nick will only focus on the old school levels.

10. Poisonous Pipeline - DKC 3: DixieKong's Doubletrouble. DKC 3 brings the gimmicks more than the other games, but Poisonous Pipeline deserves a shoutout. The poisonous water seems to have mind controlling effects on the apes, that the controls get flipped backwards. Nick needed to flip the controller upside down to play it. The enemies are literally clown fish that make the level tough enough on their own. You can forget about beating this level until you are a grown up and are smart enough to flip the controller over.

9. Krockhead Klamber - DKC2: Diddy's Kong-Quest. It is important to respect the rhythm of the level. It is kind of like jumps in motor cross. The tough jumps, climbing on reeds, the satisfying bounce for landing on the kritters. The player can get in the zone, and you feel great for finally beating it.

8. Windy Well - DKC2: Diddy's Kong-Quest. DKC2 and 3 are full of so many quality stages, that it is hard to make a list of gimmick levels. Windy Well has a new navigation mechanic. Blowing wind up at you, forcing you to avoid enemies. Nick discusses the floating animations. There are several levels that use wind mechanics, but Windy Well utilizes all of them.

7. Ripsaw Rage - DKC 3: DixieKong's Doubletrouble. Nick doesn't give the scrolling level to Kastle Krush, but to Ripsaw Rage, and hopes the viewer doesn't hate him. The characters climb inside the trunks of giant redwood trees, then a giant lumberjack says 'I hate you' with a giant saw! This is the kind of saw used by two people, and is cutting up the tree, which makes no sense. It is a giant saw trying to kill a baby and its babysitter! Not being caught under hard edges brought the pressure. It is a great and simple aesthetic for a screen-wipe level.

6. Mine Cart Carnage - Donkey Kong Country. Nick remembers the first time he played Mine Cart Carnage. Nick was a fan of Indiana Jones, and he got to live out his fantasy of riding a mine cart. What were the Kong's thinking about going in here!? How many lives were lost making this!? We are good enough now to beat it blindfolded, but it is still a classic. Bolen helps Sam beat the level blindfolded, and celebrates loudly.

5. Orang-utan Gang - Donkey Kong Country. The DKC games are all about the jungle. The lush, jungle environments are what the games are known for. Jungle Hijinx is one of the best introduction levels of all time. It introduced players to the banana hoard. However, Nick chooses Orang-utan Gang as the jungle level. The silhouette levels from modern games have their ancestors here. This level has orangutans throw barrels at the Kongs. The colorful environments allowed players to see the day/night cycle of the world.

4. Rickety Race - DKC2: Diddy's Kong-Quest. There was a lot of debate over whether this would be above Mine Cart Carnage or not. Rickety Race is a better level. You aren't trying to survive, but trying to win. It feels good to get the first place victory. There is a little secret to go faster.

3. Oil Drum Alley - Donkey Kong Country. Out of nowhere comes Oil Drum Alley. A factory is a crazy departure from the rest of the game. The oil drums, chains, the inspiring music, gives the game ambiance. The level seemed more dangerous as the Kongs are out of their element.

2. Animal Antics - DKC2: Diddy's Kong-Quest. The hardest level in the franchise is a trial by fire, testing the skills of all the animal buddies. You will get chewed up by Animal Antics. Not because of Rambi, Squiddy, Enguarde (Nick finally gets Enguarde), but Squarks' part of the level and the wind. The deadly environmental hazard is the hardest part of the game, and all of that is before another difficult section with Rattly. Don't call yourself a hardcore DKC player until you've beaten Animal Antics.

1. Snow Barrel Blast - Donkey Kong Country. When you think this game is the greatest ever made, you get to Gorilla Glaciers, and everything has changed. In most levels as you head through barrels, one wrong button press leads to immediate death. Bramble Blast is the first people will think of, but Snow Barrel Blast is better with its slippery surface, treacherous jumps, and a snowstorm that got more intense as the level goes on. Having to navigate these obstacles during a storm made it the best level in DKC history.