Nick counts down the craziest fictional presidents.

Top 10 Craziest Fictional Presidents
Upload Date February 1st 2018
Hosts Nick
Series Top 10's


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No matter how crazy the president is it could always be worse. Just look at video games and comics to see.

10. Deathstroke - Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. The law and order president, with swift unadulterated power. He is tough on those who are tough on crime. Deathstroke was the president! This is the good version of him - yet he drugged his own daughter and killed The Atom. He would not be Nick's first choice. He is still capable of all that bad stuff.

9. George Rickmond - My Date with the President's Daughter. President George Richmond allows his daughter to date a random person she met at the mall. Who knows who is out to hurt her! The president gets arrested, because the police officer doesn't recognize him! How generic is your face, if the president doesn't get recognized.

8. Dollary Clump - Disney's Hall of Presidents. The Hall of Presidents has a new addition we would like to have forgotten. Nick imagineshow the Trump robotic was made. They probably made Hilary's ahead of time, before being caught off guard by Trump's election, and then transformed it into Trump, which ended up looking like what would happen if they did a fusion dance. Dollary Clump will forever fight over the one robotic body. It probably rips space time apart!

7. Lex Luthor - DC Comics. Lex Luther uses his wealth and status to be a thorn in Superman's side. Luther rook control of other armies and other superheros, frame Superman for murder, and start a world war. He would see it as near infinite power for himself. His kryptonite ring gave him hand cancer!

6. Thomas J. Whitmore - Independence Day. The president leads us in times of questions and dought, and when aliens want to take over. He would be an insanely awesome president! He gets the people to fight back at the aliens, and has them cheering as he does it.

5. Andrew Jackson - Marvel's Wha...Huh? #1. Andrew Jackson was the 7th president, created a democratic party, and ended up on money, and became a member of the Fantastic Four! Where was this in history class?

4. Palpatine - Star Wars. Did you know his name is Seth? He would be a scary president. He overstayed his term by a long way, and used war to create his galactic empire. He was technically elected. All he ever did was build more death stars. When he finally got the galaxy, he was beaten by a farm kid and his buddies. The worst part would be to have to see his face every day.

3. Michael Callow - Black Mirror: The National Anthem. There is a hostage situation in the first episode of Black Mirror. The only way he can get her back is to have sex with a pig on live TV. We feel really sorry for him. There will be copy cats for the rest of his term! It would be filled of weeks and weeks of having sex with disgusting animals. That poor, poor man.

2. Space Marine presidents - Conduit 2. At the end of Conduit 2, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington appear! Every single former president appears in armor. Nick wants to see Lincoln come back and become president once again!

1. Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto. If someone were to be crazy to be bought into presidential role, it would be Naruto, as he is the good kind of crazy. After years and years, Naruto leads his village. Villages are like their own countries. He is a one man army. He can duplicate himself hundreds of times over. You would want the ninja to be everywhere at once.

11. Pedro - Napoleon Dynamite. Pedro didn't run the strongest campaign, but he put the right people in his corner.

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