The HQ is the location of where the ScrewAttack workplace is located. There have currently been three HQ's. In the early years, Craig and Tom filmed everything at Craig's mom's house. The ScrewAttack crew never disclose the location of the HQ, for fears that g1's will randomly turn up demanding a tour.

The first HQ Edit

The first HQ was used during the time of Metal Gear Ben, and featured Jose, Destin and Corey. A tour of this office has been made.

The second HQ Edit

The second HQ was made during the time that Screwin' Around was first being made, and Clip of the Week had a larger focus (and with Nick as the director). ScrewAttack left this office in 2014. While an official tour was never made, there are several Clip of the Week's that covered the entire office. This HQ was the former site of GameAttack.

'Our Final Thoughts on Leaving the Old HQ Behind' is a video where the crew discusses their memories from this HQ.

The third HQ Edit

The third HQ was moved into during the second half of 2014. This is the current location of ScrewAttack. A tour has not yet been made.