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A picture showing Jared and Chad terrified by Lord Sunbaby in Teletubbies

Terrible Thursday was a spin-off of Screwin' Around featuring Jared and Chad. The premise of the show was to play potentially terrible games (usually NES or SNES games) and show their reactions to it in front of a live audience. The show began in February 2012 and ended in November 2012 when Screwin' Around became a once a week show.

List of Episodes[]

Note: There are missing episodes here

  • War Gods and Armorines - February 22nd 2012 (Sam and Nick host) Games: War Gods, Armorines
  • Killer Instinct & Stupid NES Games - March 2nd 2012 Games:
  • Crappy NES Movie Games - March 9th 2012 Games: Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure
  • Shadow of the Beast - March 23rd 2012 Games: Shadow of the Beast
  • Predator - March 30th 2012 Games: Predator (NES)
  • Kinect Star Wars - April 6th 2012 (Sean and Sam host) Games: Kinect Star Wars
  • Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth - April 13th 2012 Games: Wurm
  • Mega Man X7 - April 27th 2012 Games: Mega Man X7
  • Decap Attack and Dick Tracy - May 4th 2012 Games: Decap Attack, Dick Tracy
  • Beetlejuice and Double Dragon 5 - May 11th 2012 Games: Beetlejuice (NES), Double Dragon 5 (SEGA Genesis)
  • Kid Klown and Beetlejuice - May 18th 2012 Games: Kid Klown in Krazy Khase, Beetlejuice
  • 17 Games in 1! - May 25th 2012 Games:
  • Predator NES Part 2 - May 30th 2012 Games: Predator (NES)
  • ScrewAttack Saves the Universe - June 15th 2012 (Ben and Sean host, followed by Craig) Games: Shaq Fu, Street Fighter
  • X-Men Mutant Academy - July 6th 2012 Games: X-Men Mutant Academy
  • Jared and Chad Lose their F'n Minds... - July 20th 2012 Games: WWE Crush Hour, Play with the Teletubbies
  • Mystic Defenders & Lethal Weapon - July 27th 2012 Games: Mystic Defender, Lethal Weapon
  • Elmo Dies and Godzilla has T-Rex Arms - August 3rd 2012 Games: Elmo, Teletubbies
  • Chopper Attack & Data East Classics - August 10th 2012 Games:
  • Terrible Thursday: Super Extended Edition (during KickStarter Marathon) - Games: Beetlejuice
  • The N64 Arcade Shark - August 17th 2012 Games: Super Mario 64
  • Death! So much Death!! - August 31st 2012 (Chad and Sam host) Games:
  • Sega Stallone - September 28th 2012 Games: Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, Rambo 3
  • Renegade, Skull and Crossbones and Dr. Chaos - October 5th 2012 Games:
  • Samurai Ninja Hello Kitty - October 19th 2012 (Chad and Sam host) Games:

Also note[]

After Jared left ScrewAttack, Chad and Jared played through and beat Beetlejuice on Jared's Twitch channel in September 2013 after a failed attempt to beat the game during the KickStarter Marathon in 2012.

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