Shaun Bolen
Birthday September 24th 1988
Nickname Shauntern
Status / Role Current Member
Current shows Four Play, Tap That App, Let's Play, Try Hard

Social Media
Arrived at ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2011
Left ScrewAttack / GameAttack N/A
Shaun Bolen began working at ScrewAttack as an intern from 2011-2012[1] and received a lot of screen time, and even had a Clip of the Week for his original departure. During this time, he also wrote Reviews.

Shaun then graduated from the University of Texas in an English degree.

Shaun was later hired in 2014 and replaced Bryan as the Community Manager. Shaun would also take up the Advantage Program.

Shaun is notorious for his loud, over the top yelling on ScrewAttack Live. Shaun hosted several episodes of the Top 10's, usually with odd categories such as 'Top Ten Slides', after petitioning it to Craig and the g1's for an extended amount of time. Shaun was a writer and starred in every episode of The Industry.

As of 2016, Shaun currently hosts most of Game Attack's shows, including Four Play, Death Days, Let's Play and Try Hard.

ScrewAttack rolesEdit

After being an intern, Shaun was hired as the Community Manager and Advantage Program manager. Shaun also played co-host to Craig in ScrewAttack Live. Shaun currently is one of the co-hosts of GameAttack.

Shows that he has worked onEdit

ScrewAttack Live, Top 10s, Clip of the Week, Four Play, Tap That App, Let's Play, Try Hard, The Industry, The #1 Show

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