Sean Hinz is a current staff member of ScrewAttack. He is the Senior Manager, as well as News and Events Manager. Like Destin before him, Sean has worked in journalism before, and became a news writer at ScrewAttack. In his events role, he has put together both SGC 2013 and 2014.

He had a short-lived show on ScrewAttack called Nerdtastic, where he interviewed other ScrewAttack members about topical issues. During 2014, he became the final host of Hard News.

Sean is widely known for his facial hair, and is a massive Sony fanboy.

ScrewAttack roles Edit

Sean is the Senior Manager and News & Events Manager. Sean was the last host of Hard News. He is also in charge of the management of SGC, and already has two SGC's under his belt.

Shows he has worked on Edit

Hard News, Sidescrollers (fill in), Nerdtastic, The Best Ever, Screwin' Around

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