ScrewAttack vs The Internet is a series where ScrewAttack would compete against the staff of other gaming companies.


ScrewAttack vs Machinima Edit

ScrewAttack vs Machinima happened on February 21st 2012 at Dave and Buster's in Arcadia, California.

Games played: Bomberman, Ski Ball

Winner: Machinima

ScrewAttack vs Dorkly Edit

ScrewAttack vs Dorkly occurred in New York.

Games played:

Winner: ScrewAttack

ScrewAttack vs Brazil Edit

ScrewAttack vs Brazil occurred in the ScrewAttack HQ. A group of gaming journalists from Brazil challenged ScrewAttack, and they flew to Dallas to compete.

Games played:

Winner: ScrewAttack

ScrewAttack vs Mega64 1 Edit

Games played: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Shaq Fu, Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Conditions: ScrewAttack must legally change name to ButtAttack, BrentalFloss must be executed on stage, ScrewAttack must donate profits at SGC to Mega64, No Harm No Foul.

Winner: Mega64

ButtAttack vs Mega64 2 Edit

The second ScrewAttack vs Mega64 took place at SGC 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

Games played:Dorito's Crash Course 2, Parappa the Rapper, Kirby Super Star: Megaton Punch

Mega64 Conditions: Must legally change name from ButtAttack to Buttheadz, Smooth MacGroove must legally change name to Ruff McGruff, Peanut Butter Gamer will be sent to exile for 1 year, One staffer from ScrewAttack must get a Mega64 tattoo, if Mega64 loses they will admit defeat.

ButtAttack Conditions: Rocco will simply be known as "Butt", Derek will shave his mustache to become a Hitlerstache, Garrett Hunter will be "murdered" on stage, ScrewAttack gets its name back.

Winner: ButtAttack

ScrewAttack vs Mega64 3Edit

The third (and supposedly final) ScrewAttack vs Mega64 battle at SGC 2015.

Games Played: Wayne Gretsky's 3D Hockey, Super Mario Kart: Battle, Mount your friends

Mega64 Conditions: Upload any video to ScrewAttack's Youtube, ScrewAttack TV must Stream 24 hours of "Grape Ape",  Jirard the Completionist must shave his beard and give it to ScrewAttack to eat on camera.

ScrewAttack Conditions: Have to wear a Penis shirt for the rest of SGC, Upload any video to Mega64's Youtube, ScrewAttack gets to take over Mega64's social media accounts for one week. 

Winner: ScrewAttack

ScrewAttack vs KindaFunny Edit

ScrewAttack vs. Kindafunny was an event that occurred on July 2, 2016 at RTX 2016.

Games Played: WWE All Stars, Crash Team Racing, Wii Sport: Tennis, Gone Home, Gang Beasts.

Winner: ScrewAttack