ScrewAttack @ The Arcade Auction is a video from 2011.

ScrewAttack @ The Arcade Auction
Upload Date October 25th 2011
Hosts Craig, Chad, April, Will
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Criag is at an arcade auction with Chad, Pat the NES Punk, and Will. Will they find their diamond in the rough? Probably not! Chad is looking at some arcades seeing which ones he wants. This one has Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug, The Last Blade and World Heroes. Chad doesn't know what The Last Blade is, but it looks awesome. They put the machine on, and find that it doesn't have Samurai Showdown, but Chad wants to find out what The Last Blade is. He enjoys it.

Chad finds a Playboy cabinet. They then find the exact same one that someone found to risque! It has dresses painted on all the women! Why even get a Playboy Pinball if you are going to do that! Craig goes down one row and counts how much is spent on the arcade machines. This one row cost $47,675 for an estimated total of $238,500!

Chad has found the best fighting game ever. It has a joystick and an attack button. It is broken and amazing! Craig says that it works your arm out. Craig, Chad, Will and April (Chad's girlfriend (now wife)) will have a contest to see who can get the highest combo.

Chad gets 68. Will gets 24. April only gets 6. Craig gets 35. Chad wins. Everyone else sucks! Chad says that they found their diamond in the rough.

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