SGC 2016 was held between July 1st to 3rd, 2016 at RTX at the JW Marriott, in Austin, Texas. This is the sixth and final SGC event. [1]


List of Events Edit

  • Panels at SGC not longer be Q&A Panels. These types of panels was seen at RTX.
  • Mario Party After Dark 2016 (feat. Greg Miller from Kinda Funny and Gustavo Sorola from Rooster Teeth)
  • Mario Kart 8 - Don't Drink & Drive (feat. Jirard Khalli, ProJared and BrentalFloss)
  • Amiibo's Cockfight 2016 (feat. Andre Meadows from Black Nerd Comedy)
  • Stuttering Craig's Gameshow of Awesomeness (Sponsored by Pizza Hut)
  • Screwattack vs. Kindafunny "Best of Five" Competition
  • GameAttack Live

List of Guests Edit

  • Jirard Khalli (The Completionist)
  • Jared Knabenbauer (ProJared)
  • Funhaus
  • Brent Black (BrentalFloss)
  • Gustavo Sorola (Rooster Teeth Co-Founder)
  • Achievement Hunter
  • Cow Chop
  • The Creatures
  • Kinda Funny (Greg Miller, Tim Gettys & Nic Scarpino)
  • DJ Cutman
  • Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy)
  • Joe Vargas (Angry Joe)

Schedule[2] Edit

SGC's events took place in the JW Marriott's Grand Ballroom.

Friday Edit

Time Panel
12PM-1PM Black Nerd Comedy
2PM - 3PM ScrewAttack
6PM - 7.30PM Stuttering Craig's Gameshow of Awesomeness (Sponsored by Pizza Hut)
8.30PM- 10PM Mario Kart 8 - Don't Drink and Drive (feat. brentalfloss, Jirard & ProJared)
11PM - 12.30AM Mario Party After Dark (feat. Greg Miller & Gustavo Sorola)

Saturday Edit

Time Panel
12PM-1PM brentalfloss
2PM - 3PM Jirard the Completionist
4PM - 5PM ProJared
6PM - 7.30PM Amiibo Cockfight (feat. Andre Meadows)
8.30PM - 10PM ScrewAttack vs Kinda Funny (Last SGC Programming broadcast)
11PM - 12.30AM GameAttack LIVE!
1AM - Rave

List of Panels & Videos Edit

  • ProJared Epic Q&A Panel
  • Jirard Street Fighter V Tournament / Q&A Panel
  • Death Battle LIVE!
  • Mario Party After Dark 2016
  • Stuttering Craig's Gameshow of Awesomeness
  • Mario Kart 8 - Don't Drink & Drive
  • Amiibo Cockfight 2016
  • ScrewAttack vs. Kindafunny: Best of Five Competition

Panels not on ScrewAttack's Youtube Edit

  • Black Nerd Comedy Panel
  • ScrewAttack Opening Ceremony
  • GameAttack LIVE!

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first and only time when SGC teamed up with RTX Expo, the location place was at the JW Marriott Hotel.
  • This is the first SGC to not feature Q&A Panels. These panels were seen at RTX. A few panels by Jirard, blentalfloss, ProJared and Black Nerd Comedy were scheduled.
  • The final programming of SGC were ScrewAttack vs Kinda Funny was broadcasted live, then GameAttack Live! was the last program and not broadcasted.
  • This is the first and only SGC to not feature Mega64 Crew in the Vs. The Internet series. Shawn Chatfield was the only crew member to appear at the end of the event. It was announced that challenging Kinda Funny and ScrewAttack as a Triple Threat, but a fourth member GameAttack was joined the battle at the next year event at RTX 2017.
  • GameAttack Gaming Programming featured at the next RTX event the next year, after SGC was no longer being run.
  • This is the second time when Mario Party After Dark was played live at SGC.
  • The Amiibo Cockfight was the second and final tournament celebrated at the event. Andre Meadows was the winner defeating to Ben Singer.
  • Pizza Hut was the only brand sponsor in the Gameshow of Awesomeness at SGC.

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