SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Convention) was ScrewAttack's annual party with its community. There have been six SGC's, all of which took place over three days during June or July. SGC first started in 2009, and returned in 2013 after ScrewAttack created a Kickstarter to bring it back. SGC is hosted in the Dallas area. The 2016 event was made as a part of RoosterTeeth's RTX.

SGC was full of many events and things to do. This includes panels of ScrewAttack where the ScrewAttack Crew host Q&A panels, podcast panels, on-stage skits/comedy sketches, gameplays, affiliates and other awesome people, arcade machines for people to play, gaming competitions including the Iron Man of Gaming, autograph rooms to get the autographs of those awesome people, movies, merchandise and a lot of general convention fun.

Starting as a small community group gathering of a few hundred people in 2009, SGC has significantly expanded and evolved in its following years, housing an estimated 5,000 people by 2014 and moving from Dallas to Austin. SGC was merged into Rooster Teeth's RTX expo following parent company Fullscreen's acquisition of both companies. Craig conceptualized, organized and launched the annual ScrewAttack live event “SGC” that welcomed nearly 5,000 paid attendees from around the world in 2015. 

In July of 2009, ScrewAttack held their first official community gatheringevent in Dallas, Texas. Initially planned as a small gathering for a few people,demand was so high that over 500 tickets were accidentally sold within minutes of being made available online.

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For a list of panels, and videos from the actual event, click on an SGC listed above.

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