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Reviews were a video / blog show where a member of the ScrewAttack crew would review a new game.


Review scales[]

ScrewAttack has two score sales. The first is a traditional 1 - 10 score.

  • 10 - Legendary: 10s are the rare games that reach the ultimate plateau of gaming superiority. They are the pinnacle of their genre, and should not be overlooked.
  • 9 - Excellent: 9s represent excellence. Any issues they may have are minor or are easily forgiven for what is a fantastic experience.
  • 8 - Great: 8s are great games that have something holding them back from excellence, or some features aren't as polished. They are still extremely worthy of playing, but may not be the most impressive.
  • 7 - Good: 7s are very fun games that have solid appeal. They have obvious issues that stick out, but can still be enjoyed by anyone.
  • 6 - Above Average: 6s have good ideas, but may not be executed the best. Can be enjoyable by certain circumstances or fans, but may feel shallow to most.
  • 5 - Average: 5s are all right. Not remarkably good, but not remarkably bad either. They could be a decent way to pass time.
  • 4 - Lacking: 4s are hurting in quality. May have instances of fun that are overshadowed by major problems, technical or otherwise. They could be fun, but the issues may not make them worthwhile.
  • 3 - Bad: 3s are problematic. Any potential they have is lost from poor execution or design. Any entertainment found within is sporadic.
  • 2 - Awful: 2s are a mess. Riddled with poor gameplay, design choices, and/or numerous bugs. Whatever enjoyment involved most likely is not worth the pain you must go through.
  • 1 - Garbage: 1s have no redeeming qualities. They are a complete waste of time to everybody.     

The secondary score that allows the reviewer to state whether or not the game is worth buying or not.     

  • Buy It- You Should buy this game     
  • Rent It- Pick the game up cheap and smash it out and return it.     
  • F' It- Don't buy or play this game at all.     

List of Episodes[]

Video Game - Reviewer - Date - Score / 10 - Rating

Reviews without dates[]