Reboot or Retro was a show on ScrewAttack that originally aired on May 21st 2011. One of the ScrewAttack hosts review an old game in a series and a new game in the series and give a verdict on which one is better. Jared was the host of most episodes, but Craig hosted the first.

List of Episodes Edit

  • Rocket Knight - Rocket Knight (XBox Live/ PSN) vs Rocket Knight Adventures (Genesis) - May 21st 2011 Result: Reboot
  • Contra - Hard Corps: Uprising (XBox Live/PSN) vs Conta (Genesis) -  ? - Result: Retro
  • Rush 'N Attack - Rush 'N Attack: Ex-Patriot (XBox Live/PSN) vs Rush 'N Attack (NES) - ? - Result: Retro
  • Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (PSP) vs Final Fantasy IV (SNES) -  ? - Result: Reboot
  • Blaster Master - Blaster Master: Overdrive (WiiWare) vs Blaster Master (NES) - ? - Result: Reboot
  • Gradius - Gradius: Rebirth (WiiWare) vs Gradius III (SNES) - ? - Result: Retro
  • Kirby - Return To Dreamland (Wii) vs Super Star (SNES) - ? - Result: Retro