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Parker Bohon
Birthday -
Nickname none
Status / Role Current Member
Current shows Tap That App

Social Media
Arrived at ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2013
Left ScrewAttack / GameAttack N/A

Parker Bohon is a GameAttack staff member. He began working as an intern, but then began working at ScrewAttack part-time. He edits videos and has worked on the Twitter Time segment in Sidescrollers. He's also hosted the Mario Kart 8 competition, and featured in several other videos. He also occasionally appeared during ScrewAttack Live and Clip of the Week. Parker participated in a few food eating challenges.

Parker then moved over to GameAttack, and co-hosted Tap that App alongside Craig and Shaun. He now edits GameAttack's videos.

Parker goes to UNT.

ScrewAttack roles[]

Parker was hired as an editor, and has edited videos for both ScrewAttack and GameAttack. His first show that he hosted was Tap That App.

Shows he has worked on[]

Tap That App, Four Play, ScrewAttack Live, The Best Ever, The #1 Show, Clip of the Week

Alter egos[]

Coach Seamas McGilliicutty[]

This character was created during the Ben vs Craig: It's Time to Jam video, where Coach McGillicutty helped Ben defeat Craig in basketball. Parker has brought out the character several times since, including famously as he hosted the Mario Kart 8 Competition on Screwin' Around.