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Metal Gear Ben was a 9 part series that Ben Singer created for ScrewAttack. The show was inspired by a Clip of the Week featuring Ben acting as Snake from the Metal Gear series. The show also featured the Angry Video Game Nerd, James Rolfe. The show first aired on November 23rd 2009.


List of Episodes[]

Origins Series[]

9-part series[]

Complete Credits[]

This full credits list was shown at the end of Episode 9: Party Time.



  • Todd Meeker
  • Raul Nevarez
  • Tucker Stephen
  • Johnny McSweeny
  • Austin Hargrave
  • Matt 
  • moody
  • Phillip Atkins
  • Dillon Dingman

"Previously On" Submissions[]

  • Christina Warren
  • NovaSpec
  • Helen J. Spence
  • Liz Serowka
  • Nicolas Pigeon
  • TMF128
  • ClumsyJohan
  • Tom-Erik Enger
  • Davis Bridges
  • GameJudge


  • Ryan Fitgerald
  • Brian Farmer
  • Douglas Lida
  • Matt Tinkski
  • Paul Mika
  • Thomas King
  • James O'Toole
  • Ramses Arreola
  • Jake Evans
  • Larry Holder
  • Janne Kainu
  • Luke Eveland
  • Ben White
  • Isaac Mendoza
  • Sportacus
  • Jeff Conwi
  • James Tonnessen
  • Tom Matthews
  • Seth Dormaier
  • dugthefreshest
  • Carf
  • Kevin Bouchard
  • Tansunn Kitsuki
  • humbleforcupcake
  • Jack Skinner
  • Marc Marta
  • Velkku
  • David Smith
  • Nick Johnson
  • Ben Turpin
  • Phil Bateman

"No One Can Beat Metal Gear Ben" By Daniel Lopez

Zapper and Super Scope Art[]

  • Thomas Collin

Special Thanks[]

  • GameWorks Arcade
  • Hideo Kojima
  • The g1 Community

Camera Operators[]

  • Nick Cramer
  • Jose Mejia
  • Adam Teterus
  • Bryan Baker
  • Craig Skistimas
  • Jake Singer
  • Ben Singer

Boom Operators[]

  • Jose Mejia
  • Todd Meeker
  • Christy Bergstresser
  • Johnny McSweeny
  • Mark Carr
  • Adam Teterus
  • Ben Singer
  • Nick Cramer
  • Bryan Baker
  • Ryan Stout


  • Bryan Baker
  • Nick Cramer
  • Jose Mejia
  • Ben Singer
  • Adam Teterus
  • Ryan Stout


  • Nick Cramer
  • Ben Singer
  • Ryan Stout

Official Artwork[]

  • Mike Scally

Theme Scores By[]

  • Marc Marta
  • Tansunn Kitsuki

Assistant Director[]

  • Nick Cramer

Digital Motion Graphics[]

  • Jake Singer

Writer, Director, and Editor[]

  • Ben Singer

Codec Numbers[]

Throughout the series, several characters had codec numbers similar to that of the Metal Gear series. Ben has stated that all of them had a meaning.

  • Craig - 133.71 - ileet, meaning elite
  • Corey - 817.64 - bitch
  • Octagon - 534.87
  • Chad - 541.71 - shiti, meaning shitty
  • Iron Cog Ben - 666.13 - the number of the devil (666) and the unlucky number (13)
  • Captain S - 649.05 - possibly Chaos, a SEGA reference
  • Guy - 609.11

DVD Bonus Features[]

The DVD contained several other videos not seen on the site.

Behind MGB[]

Ben discusses the behind the scenes of Metal Gear Ben. This was the first time that Ben has made an episonic series. It took from April 2009 and ended in May 2010 to finish it, and it took so long because Metal Gear Ben had to be made alongside regular ScrewAttack work. Ben discusses that the original script was much more dark, and featured three Corey's. The villains were dark and serious in the original script. The only character who maintained the "accidental badass" traits was Ben's character. Almost the entire first draft was thrown out except for the first episode.

Ben discusses James' role as Mega Mantis. Ben really wanted James in the series, but since James lives so far away, the original scripts didn't have James in them. Ben compliments James on his wonderful performance considering he did the entire thing on his own.

Episode 0 was Angels idea. His name was Granite, and he is called this, as everyone used to compare him to The Rock. The episode was never finished. When Nathan came down, Ben decided to allow Nathan to fill the role instead and made it up as they went along. It is one of Ben's favorite episodes.

Jake, Ben's brother made the special effects such as the apple that hit Ben, Destin's gun twirling, the LOLaser, and the ROFLcopter. Ben discusses the three g1's who made the music for the series, and the artwork for the opening. The music and art needed to be similar to the Metal Gear series, but also gaming in general. Ben received around 400 submissions for the musical pieces. He tried to use as many as possible. A lot of actors, and several major characters were all g1s.

Blooper Reel 1[]

The first blooper reel is of Nick calling "Beeeenn!", Chad hitting the ceiling with his sword, Nick trying to laugh at the funny pictures. Ben and Corey's codec where Corey calls Ben stupid. Ben introduces himself as Stupid. Nick does silly things as he puts on his glasses, like putting them on upside down. Nick throws some plant towards the camera, Chad in the Metallic Ben costume, James in front of the green screen.

Ben and Craig's codec, and Craig states that his breath (?) smells. Ben thanks him. Nick yelling "Beeeennn!" Ben is afraid that Metallic Ben's sword is going to cut his head open. Ben catches it and is happy that he took the sword. Chad swears and runs away. Nick still crying "Beeeeeenn!" with his hands over his face.

Ben asking a statue if he has seen Jose. The statue has a thumbs up, so Ben gives it one back. Nick juggling his glasses in his hands. Chad commenting on Ben liking puppies. James swiveling around in his chair. After Ben injects Craig, Craig states that it is not over, and then saying it is and falls to the ground. James takes his googles off to clean his glasses.

Ben creeping around the arcade, is caught by Sonic. They fight. Sonic beats Ben up, and Ben runs away. Destin slams Nick's head into the table. The scene with Chad having to call Ben a superior title ends with Ben cracking up laughing. There are multiple takes of different titles that Chad calls Ben. Nick drops his glasses over a fence and has to go and get them. Metal Gear Ben is sad and walks off sadly. Outtakes of Octagon getting onto the couch and making his CSI Miami reference.

An extended cut of Ben reaching over the bench to retrieve the ice cream. Ben has to clean up the ice cream with the script, and everyone else looks at it. Chad and Nick fighting with the sword and hearing scope. Bryan commentates it, and thinks that Nick was losing. Nick begins ribbon dancing.

Craig introduces that he is filming some behind the scenes stuff, when suddenly Keith Apicary runs towards him. Keith gets into a tree, and puts a branch in his mouth. Keith runs away.

Blooper Reel 2[]

The mechanic that asks Agent Chad if he can help, Chad completely misses his face. Chad jumps into the air, and almost falls over. His sword has swung all the way around to be in front of him. After capturing Mega Mantis, Chad taunts him. Chad taps the container against something, and the lid falls off. This prompts Chad to exclaim "No! You're free!" This happens twice. Chad tries to cover the camera as an unexpected rainstorm occurs. Chad complains that it isn't even cloudy! They only have one more shot to film. Suddenly the rain stops, and Chad is angry as he looks up to the sky. Chad fails to throw the container into the dumpster. Ben tries to throw it back up, but fails.

Corey shares a story with Chad. Ben falls to the ground. Jose throws a box at him, and it hits Ben in the face. Chad steps out of the codec with Corey. Ben falls to the ground again, only for the boom mic to fall in front of the lens. Ben attempts to ride in on an office chair. Nick is surprised at how loud the chair falling over is. Jose hits Ben in the head with the Lolazer. Jose laughs. Ben dances in front of Jose. Nick dances the camera as Jose stands there. Ben and Nick do the 'Jose' dance together.

Blooper Reel 3[]

Ben introduces himself, states that he is going to steal stuff, and shoots his guns. A plane is going over during a take. Destin has some outtakes while eating the apple. Dane forgets his line. Ben needs to get to a rock to film a shot, and is worried about falling into the water. He reveals that he was just kidding. More planes go over during filming.

Wajahat puts muffin on his face. Dane accidentally swears. Ben yells at him for swearing on a children's show. Ben and Nick mess up their lines with the ketchup. Nick tries to figure out how to do his peeing scene properly. Ben is in the cage putting the ketchup everywhere.

Explosive Trailer[]

This trailer is for the final episode of Metal Gear Ben, and explosions is mentioned a lot. There are also outtakes shown during this trailer. The trailer tries to trick the viewer into thinking that is over. This episode is apparently 'The Michael Bay Episode'.

How to with Agent Chad[]

Chad accidentally breaks his sword in one of the takes, so he decides to make an episode of How to with Chad. The title is "Broken Prop #38 The Cool Sword". Chad says that his acting is too epic for the sheath to handle. They go to Chad's workshop in GameAttack to find some glue, but there isn't any.

There was no black tape either. Chad improvises using some tape and a sharpie. To make sure the sharpie ink dries, Chad gets a dryer to dry the sword.

Step 1: Tape this bitch.

Step 2: Sharpie this bitch.

Step 3: Dry this bitch.

MGV Redux[]

An alternative of Metal Gear Ben Origins. Ben is flying through the sky in front of the green screen is shown. Ben reaches Craig's office, and Craig is hungry and wants food from Jose. Octagon comes in and asks Craig why would he send Ben, to which Craig replies with that it is a suicide mission.

Jose is eating chips while playing a Halo. Ben sneaks into the room. Ben tries to grab a chip, but Jose has already finished that bag! He reaches over to eat Ben. Craig walks in and yells "BEEEEN" but breaks into Boss Craig and celebrates with Jose that Ben is dead. He then eats some of Jose's chips.