This is a list of videos that ScrewAttack has made while attending any PAX conventions.

2010 - PAX Edit

  • NBA Jame (Exclusive Secret Characters Revealed, Online Mode, Exclusivity Changes
  • Mortal Kombat First Impressions (X-Ray Mode, Visuals and Special Moves)
  • First Impressions of Kinect
  • The Lowdown on Mortal Kombat (New Character Revealed, Secrets, Fatalities)
  • Goldeneye 007 (Golden Gun Mode, Online Multiplayer, Special Features, etc.
  • Duke Nukem Forever Interview (Multiplayer, DLC and Killing Halo)

2013 - PAX Prime Edit

  • Aztez is one part Shank, one part ActRaiser and a whole lotta blood
  • The Most Interesting Man at PAX Prime?
  • Chilling with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • We talk with Nintendo about Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X & Y
  • Hands on with the Nintendo 2DS!
  • Stay out of the dark in Dying Light!
  • We put our foot doen on the Stinky Footboard
  • Get your RTS and your FPS with Mist of Stagnation
  • Get the truth about Secret Ponchos!
  • Sean's first impressions of Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Taking a long look at Bionic Dues
  • In this interview we learn how Beat Buddy plays jazz with water levels
  • It's the pirate life for Sean in this interview with Black Flag's Game Director
  • The Crew is all about dominating the U.S. racing scene with friends!
  • Get lost in the Legend of Dungeon
  • The creators of Bastion have another great game coming: Transistor
  • Take a good long look in the shadows of Contrast
  • Sean catches up with Nate Fox to talk about inFAMOUS: Second Son
  • Get old school and a strong female hero in Blood of the Werewolf
  • Shake Your Ass with Electronic Super Joy
  • Can Smashmuck Champions hold its own in the MOBA market?
  • Super Time Force is like Contra with time travel and radical dinosaurs
  • Getting PAX Prime started with Mad Catz Unveiled!
  • We played Titanfall, and you should too

2014 - PAX East Edit

  • Broforce, the Manliest Game at PAX East 2014!
  • Organic Panic
  • Do work for Invisible Inc
  • Catlateral Damage: CAT SIMULATOR!
  • Videoball: Get Hyped or GTFO the Universe
  • Project Totem's sidescrolling puzzle madness!
  • Indie Van Game Jam
  • Last Life gets a Double Fine adrenaline shot
  • Darknet brings 90s hacker movies to life
  • Max Gentlemen manhandles all other "manly" games!
  • Aztez interview from atop a mighty throne!
  • Videoball's sweet science will blow your mind!
  • Nosgoth may suck away your time
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect is a ghostly good time at PAX East 2014
  • Evolve will be the next big thing in multiplayer
  • JetGetters Multiplayer Mayhem Takes Flight
  • Craig vs Black Nerd Comedy: Test of Inflatable Might
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Impressions
  • Get the scoop on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

2014 - PAX Prime Edit

  • Playing with Toy Soldiers: War Chest
  • Assassin's Creed Unity Co-op & Customization Details
  • Mortal Kombat X Intrduces New Faces and Fatalities
  • Far Cry 4 Total Animal Annihilation
  • Shadows of Mordor Orc Slaying 101
  • Assassin's Creed Betrays the Order by going Rogue

2015 - PAX East Edit