Season 7 of Death Battle episodes.

Season 7 Edit

Episode Title / Link Airdate (First) Airdate (Public) Winner(s) Thumbnail Notes
Miles Morales VS Static January 26th 2020 (First) January 27th 2020 (Public) Static
Black Canary VS Sindel February 9th 2020 (First) February 10th 2020 (Public) Black Canary
Leonardo VS Red Ranger Jason February 23rd 2020 (First) February 24th 2020 (Public) Jason
This is the second DEATH BATTLE episode to feature both a DEATH BATTLE winner (Leonardo) and loser (Red Ranger Jason) facing each other.

This is the first episode to feature a Power Ranger combatant which doesn't involve Zords. This is also the second DEATH BATTLE where both returning combatants aren't pitted against each other in a remastered fight or rematch.

Genos VS War Machine March 8th 2020 (First) March 9th 2020 (Public) War Machine
Gray vs Esdeath March 22nd 2020 (First) March 23rd 2020 (Public) Esdeath
Goro VS Machamp April 5th 2020 (First) April 6th 2020 (Public) Machamp
Cable VS Booster Gold April 19th 2020 (First) April 20th 2020 (Public) Booster Gold
Obi-Wan Kenobi VS Kakashi May 3rd 2020 (First) May 4th 2020 (Public) Obi-Wan Kenobi
This is the second Death Battle to be animated in Source Filmmaker (SFM).
Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long May 17th 2020 (First) May 18th 2020 (Public) Danny Phantom
She-Ra VS Wonder Woman May 31st 2020 (First) June 1st 2020 (Public) Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is the third character to be in three 1 v 1 Death Battles. This is the first time a Triple Returner has actually won their third fight.
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