Lauren Moore
Birthday April 16th (year?)
Nickname none
Status / Role Former Member
Current shows DubbleTalk (on FUNimation)

Social Media Facebook:


Arrived at ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2011
Left ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2013

Lauren Moore was originally hired as a journalist for ScrewAttack's news department in October 2012. She eventually changed roles to be the Affiliate Manager, working with content producers such as The Completionist and Brentalfloss. Lauren also became the Reviews Editor, and taught Sam how to voice reviews. She also was seen often in videos, becoming one of the hosts for the Wednesday slot in Screwin' Around. She also co-starred alongside Jared in Newsroom. Lauren originates from the Caribbean.

Lauren left ScrewAttack in 2013 to work full-time as a video producer in Dallas. She then signed on with FUNimation in 2014 as Social Coordinator but has returned to partner with ScrewAttack on a few occasions. She judged the Cosplay Contest in the 2014 SGC, and took part in the ScrewAttack vs FUNimation competition in late 2014.

Prior to working at ScrewAttack, Lauren graduated from the University of North Texas in Broadcast Journalism in 2011.[1]

ScrewAttack roles Edit

Lauren started working as a news writer before moving on to manage affiliated YouTube stars such as The Completionist. She co-hosted the Wednesday Screwin' Around slot with Ben, and starred in Newsroom.

Shows that she has worked on Edit

Clip of the Week, Hard News (fill in for Jared), Newsroom, Screwin' Around (Wind Waker Wednesday, Lollipop Wednesday, Mass Effect Adventure).

Post ScrewAttack Edit

Lauren left ScrewAttack in 2013, and joined FUNimation in 2014 as a Social Coordinator. She also hosts DubbleTalk on FUNimation's YouTube channel, alongside ScrewAttack presenter, Chad James.

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