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Jose is a former staff member of ScrewAttack. He was hired as an intern alongside Ben in October 2007. When hired officially, he became the first Community Manager at ScrewAttack. He is most known for an incident where he was required to run in the snow outside the HQ before Craig locked the door on him.

Jose had his own show called Jose's Punto's where he discussed his favorite games. While being the Community Manager, he managed the g1 Spotlight, showing off the best g1 content each week.

Jose left the company in May 2011 to take on the community manager role at Frogster America. He left that company in March 2012 to be Community Manager at Kiz Studios.

Jose has visited ScrewAttack several times and has featured on a few episodes of Screwin' Around (once on Chad's phone), and competed in Mario Party After Dark.

ScrewAttack roles

Jose was a content producer when he first started. He edited many videos. He also got his own review type show called 'Jose's Punto's'. He later became the site's community manager.

Shows that he worked on

Jose's Punto's, Clip of the Week, Mario Party After Dark.