Here is the official rules of the site on top of the regular, don't vandalize, harass other users, spam etc.

  1. Death Battle rules. There is quite a lot of bad behaviour from Death Battle fans, not just here but on ScrewAttack itself and YouTube.
    1. As we are not an official Death Battle discussion site, we do not allow suggestions, discussion, fan work or fanon on this site whatsoever. If any of this is found, it will be removed as soon as an admin sees it. Spamming Death Battle pages with discussion will result in a block.
      • Please also note rule 2.1 about being rude to fictional characters.
      • Other shows are allowed to be discussed on their pages. This only applies to Death Battle.
    2. Death Battle content MUST stay on Death Battle pages only. If Death Battle content is found on non-Death Battle pages, it will be removed. If Death Battle is discussed on a show, it will be mentioned in the synopsis section of that episode and nowhere else.
    3. Do not upload fake / fan made Death Battle thumbnails (including OMM and DBX thumbnails).
  2. Don't be a dick. There is to be no rude comments, swearing, inappropriate comments or insults directed at any member of the community. All comments like this will be removed, and automatic blocks may apply depending on severity. Keep your bad opinions of others to yourself. This includes making insults directed towards trolls and vandals.
    1. This extends to fictional characters such as combatants in Death Battle. Comments such as "I hate Superman" or "<character> should have beated that stupid <other character>" will be removed immediately.

The official locations for Death Battle discussion are on Facebook , Death Battle videos on YouTube  (but not any ScrewAttack video), or the Death Battle wall on ScrewAttack . You may also discuss with fans on the Death Battle wiki , but Chad and Ben won't see them there. Please respect their rules if you choose to go there.

Death Battle suggestions placed in the wrong place will be ignored by Chad and Ben. This site is not run by them, so don't expect it to be seen here.

General GuidelinesEdit

These are the guidelines to help you create a page on this site. Admins can help you create a page, or complete a page. Pages must follow these guidelines to be considered completed. Don't feel to overwhelmed by what you see here - you are allowed to create a page with only a starting line and allow other users to complete the page. Any help is appreciated.

Upload DatesEdit

  1. The upload date located on each video (whether the video has a page to itself or is on a List of <show> page), the upload date should be the earliest date available, whether on YouTube or ScrewAttack.
  1. Where possible, old videos from previous versions of the site can be found by using an archieved version of the site.
  2. Don't bother with early advantage / sponsor dates, such as when Death Battle is put onto the site early. It makes it too difficult to track after the video has been released to the public. Whatever date the video page / YouTube says is the date that goes onto the page.
  3. All videos on pages or list of pages must have been uploaded to ScrewAttack's site, YouTube or any other official uploading site (eg Twitch or GameTrailers). Pages created for videos not yet released will be removed until they have been released.

Creating Pages for ShowsEdit

  1. Put a description of what the show is, trying to include as much detail as possible, and include the names of regular hosts and format.
  2. Shows are only eligible for a page once they reach 5 episodes. Shows that don't last 5 episodes can go onto the Other shows page. That page is used for shorter shows, or shows that have a long gap in video releases.
  3. Episodes go onto the show's page until the show has more than 50 episodes. Once it has exceeded 50 episodes, a second page called List of <show> episodes may be created.
  4. Once a show has over 200 episodes, other List of <show> episodes pages can be created - either by season or year, or any other appropriate seperater.
  5. Try to include the episode list in a table with a thumbnail to the video, and include a link to the episode somewhere in the table.
  6. Don't forget to put the show's name as a category (this can be done both before and after you save the page, so it's OK if you forget!). If the show's name is "Clip of the Week", put Clip of the Week in its category.

Creating Pages for videosEdit

  1. Make sure pages for videos have a brief introduction (usually the video name and the year it was made, but can be a one sentence plot, or a joke about the video).
  2. All videos must have a synopsis. You don't need everything included, but try to include important points in the video, and reference jokes or funny moments in the videos.
  3. Include a template. This contains a thumbnail for the video, host information, a link to the video etc. Some shows have their own templates (like Screwin' Around or Sidescrollers), so make sure to use the correct template.
  4. When providing links, try to provide a link to rather than YouTube, Twitch or other service. Using links from the site can become complicated during site change overs, so videos from YouTube are acceptable.
  5. Don't forget the categories! Include the show name as well as the category "Video" for regular videos, or "Live Streams" for live stream shows (such as ScrewAttack Live or Mario Party After Dark).

Also note, cancelled shows do not get removed from the wiki, and lost videos don't get removed either.


Images must be appropriately named and filed. Make sure that when you upload an image, it meets the following criteria.

  1. Images must be appropriately named. Don't call the image 'image004', call it by the video name, or whatever is in the image.
  2. All images must be correctly categorized. If the image is a thumbnail, it must have the Thumbnail category, and whatever show it falls under. For example, a Video Game Vault thumbnail will be categorized under 'Video Game Vault' and 'Thumbnails'.
  3. Images must have a filled out Description and Licensing section. The description must display what is in the image. If it is a thumbnail, the description states the name of the show and title of the videos. Logos say what the logo is of. Pictures of staff must state that they are a picture of staff. In the licensing section, use the 'Fair Use' template. Use the template that looks like this.

This file is copyrighted. It will be used in a way that qualifies as fair use under US copyright law.

  1. Avoid duplicates. Don't upload two identical images. When uploading a recent thumbnail, check the Images tab on the navigation bar to ensure the image hasn't already been uploaded.

Don't forget to ask for help if you are confused, your edit doesn't need to be perfect as other users can come in and fix it up later!

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.