GQQ is an episode of Newsroom.

Upload Date September 11th 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Jared is at his desk wearing sophisticated glasses, a tie and jacket. Lauren walks in wearing a fancy dress, and a cane. They glare at each other. They ask each other what they are doing. They both explain to each other that G4 is shutting down and becoming a more sophisticated channel, and they both deny that they have heard about it. They are trying to become the GQ of gaming or something. They are apparently looking for new hosts, but Jared wouldn't apply, and Lauren is too busy hosting wine parties.

Jared is too busy reading Forbes on his iPad2. Indeed! Lauren claims that Jared doesn't appeal to the modern gamer. Jared takes off his glasses and states that he is doing everything the modern gamer does such as playing Call of Duty, overlooking indie titles, and will be neglecting a baby while playing World of Warcraft. 

Lauren states that the new demographic is hip, and they shop at Express Men, and want their hosts to be much more sophisticated. Jared points out his hair, glasses and suit. He also has a cigar, and has been growing a neck beard for two weeks. There is virtually no hair on his neck.

Lauren raises the stakes with a pencil-thin mustache. It has curls on the ends. Jared congratulates her, and asks her if she can be sophisticated. Lauren puts a cigar in her mouth, and Jared breaks character and is freaked out by how impressive she is.

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