A g1 is a fan of ScrewAttack, or someone who contributes to the ScrewAttack community or watches ScrewAttack videos. Odds are, if you are viewing this page right now, you are a g1. The meaning of the term "g1" varies depending on which ScrewAttack member you are asking. Craig has always stated that it is just a way of identifying the community members and nothing more. However, Bryan has stated that the term derives from the term "p1", referring to "priority 1" that radio stations used to use where the priority 1 is the viewer. The "g" in "g1" means "gamers". So the un-abbreviated term is "gamers 1".

Community Edit

The g1 community is a very close group, while smaller compared to other gaming sites, the focus is to keep everyone happy and friendly to each other. There are many ways that g1's can communicate and interact within the community. This can include creating blogs, videos, funny photoshops, forum discussing, chatting during live streams, commenting on ScrewAttack videos, participating in g1 features and g1 Community events.

The 'g1 features' comprises of collaboration projects between the g1's. The 'g1 Spotlight' highlights the best g1 blogs and videos of the week. Originally, the spotlight was made by former Community Manager Jose, then Bryan, but due to low views this was stopped. The g1's themselves picked up the role and continue spotlighting their favorite blogs and videos.

g1 content can also be shown on the front page of the site.

g1 of the Year Edit

Each year one g1 is voted (by other g1's) to become the g1 of the year. Winning g1 of the year awards the winner with general prizes, free advantage content for a year, as well as entry to the ScrewAttack Wrestling Royale Rumble.


2008 - Mike "The Birdman" Dodd

2009 - HybridRain

2010 - Terra_Corrupt

2011 - Woodyman

2012 - Tom the Iron Man

2013 - Fox

2014 - Dylan Toomey

2015: g1Brent

2016: UziReloaded

2017: Tigressaurus

2018: Mooshyfluff84

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