Drake McWhorter
Birthday -
Nickname Trailer Drake
Status / Role Former Member
Current shows Unknown

Social Media
Arrived at ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2011
Left ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2012
"Trailer" Drake McWhorter started as an intern for ScrewAttack. He was the trailer manager when Version 5 launched, working with game publishers to release the latest video game trailers and also curated a selection of vintage video game commercials and trailers for the weekends.

He then moved to a more predominant role as a video editor and the writer for many of the promotional advertisements on the website. He later got into some more on air work, such as the Clip of the Weeks. Drake endured a lot of character development during his time at ScrewAttack. His first appearance on Screwin' Around was clumsy and was made fun of by his fellow staff.

Drake later worked as the company's syndication manager and was tasked with syndicating original content from the ScrewAttack website onto YouTube and

Post ScrewAttack Edit

Drake left ScrewAttack on June 7th, 2012 to work for The Game Theorists, where he hosted the shows Smash History and Crossover. He also has two of his own YouTube channels for his personal work in video game and comic book entertainment respectively.

ScrewAttack roles Edit

Drake was rarely seen on camera and did a large amount of editing during his time at ScrewAttack, but he did feature in a few Sidescrollers, Screwin' Around and The Best Ever's.

Shows that he has worked on Edit

Hard News (camera man and video editor), Sidescrollers (mostly editing, but has been a host), Screwin' Around, The Best Ever, Clip of the Week.

Gallery Edit

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