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Death Battle logo from 2009-2016.

Death Battle is a fight to the death between two popular video game or pop-culture characters. Ben Singer was the creator, researcher, writer and (for the first 19 episodes or so) animator of the show. To make the show more interesting, two characters were created to host the show, and give details about each of the characters before the battle would take place.

Wiz (Ben Singer), a mad-scientist straight-man, and Boomstick (Chad James), a crazy redneck with a strong southern accent, and love of weapons. Since 2014, Nick has joined the team to help out with research. Torrian was hired as a full time animator. While Death Battle has had several animators during its run, the first series was animated by Ben. As well as hosting the show, Ben and Chad are the primary researches, and go through a lot of debating in order to determine the winner.

Death Battle logo from 2017.

Rather than a mere popularity contest between the two combatants, a lot of effort is put into researching which of the combatants would win. All variations of the characters are thoroughly researched, before Ben and Chad try to find an actual winner. It's much more complicated than it sounds, especially when many Death Battle combatants are in a variety of different forms of media (video games, comics, TV shows etc) and results are determined by physics and mathematical problems.

The fight at the end of the battle is not what determines the outcome of the battle. Nor is it an indication of what would happen if a Death Battle took place. It is simple an entertaining demonstration showing the winner winning a fight.

Rules of Death Battle fights[]

  1. Combatants possess no prior knowledge of each other unless specified by canon or otherwise.
  2. To ensure a fair fight, all moral restraints from killing are ignored. All other traits are considered.
  3. A character's maximum potential is examined unless otherwise specified. Factors unrelated to the characters cannot end the battle.
  4. All official material related to a character is applied unless found contradictory to original source material.

Source: Death Battle Cast Episode 77: "The Rules of DEATH BATTLE"

Unofficial rules[]

There are a handful of 'unwritten rules' that apply to Death Battle episodes. Some are discussed during Death Battle Cast, or in other places where staff discuss rules.

  • Competitors rarely get outside help, even if they are helped by others in their source material. citation needed When it is allowed, it is usually a duo team, or both sides are given an equal helper.
  • All episodes are self contained, meaning if a combatant dies in one episode, they can return in another episode.
  • Pokemon have several rules that apply to them:
    • When a Pokemon is in a Death Battle, it's weaknesses and resistances are not applied to opponents. This is used in case weaknesses and resistances work differently in the opponent's universe.
    • PokeDex entries are considered canon.
    • Pokemon only have access to moves they gain naturally, meaning TMs and HMs are not allowed (as a subrule to the no outside help rule).

Spin offs[]

One Minute Melee - Animators of Hyun's Dojo showing off their skills making fights for fun. Unlike Death Battle, the winner is determined by the animator's choice.

The Desk of Death Battle - A show hosted by intern Jocelyn, discussing some little known facts about the characters that appear in Death Battle.

DBX - Death Battle Exhibition - Similar to One Minute Melee, DBX is a showcase of battles that an animator wanted to animate sanctioned by ScrewAttack

Death Battle Cast - The crew discusses elements of the show, tackling questions and theories about the characters and both previous and future battles.

DEATH RACE - Consists of a race against four vehicles with no research similar to DBX. The victor is decided by who crosses the finish line first, regardless of condition.

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