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Craig Skistimas
Birthday June 17th 1981
Nickname Stuttering Craig
Status / Role September 24th 2021 retired from video game content
Current shows Unknown

Social Media
Arrived at ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2006
Left ScrewAttack / GameAttack Left ScrewAttack: Late 2016

Left GameAttack: July 2020

"Stuttering" Craig Skistimas is the owner and co-founder of Screwattack. He is well known for wearing his hat, and for being a former Slam Ball player. He started the company with friend Tom in 2006.

Craig is married to his wife Kristen and has two daughters - Mackenzie and Madelyn. As an infant, Mackenzie appeared in several Screwin' Around episodes.

Craig loves food-eating challenges and competitions and regularly tries to get people on board to compete in these activities. Craig is a fan of old-school hard video games. He loves platformers and fighting games. Craig is well known for telling things as they are and isn't afraid of calling people out.

Craig has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of North Texas[1].

Craig made a small appearance as a scientist in the Far Cry film, and as a news anchor on the 2013 Sonic short.

In October 2016, Craig moved away from being the owner of ScrewAttack to work on Game Attack.

While with Game Attack he has worked on shows such as, PokeMondays, Death Days, Top 11's and even temporarily bringing back Evil Craig.

ScrewAttack roles[]

As the founder and owner of the company, Craig is heavily involved in the day-to-day business at the company. He stars in many of the shows that ScrewAttack has. In the early years of ScrewAttack, Craig wrote and starred in Sidescrollers, Video Game Vaults and Top 10's.

He has also appeared in most of the Clip of the Weeks, and hosted many episodes of Screwin' Around and ScrewAttack Live.

Alter Ego's[]

Evil Craig - a version of Craig without his hat who seems to hate everything.

Jimmy Jimmy Woods - a wrestling commentator.

Shows that he has worked on[]

Top 10's, Video Game Vaults, Screwin' Around, The Best Ever, Evil Craig, Hey! Let's Play, ScrewAttack Live, Metal Gear Ben, Sidescrollers, Clip of the Week, The #1 Show, GameAttack etc.


On October 10th 2016, Craig announced that he was leaving ScrewAttack, founding Game Attack with former SA Community Manager and Personality Shaun Bolen.

After three years Craig left Game Attack and sold his half to Shaun Bolen to make the CragSkitz Podcast, which later turned into Weekdays with Craig and Brad. Craig currently has no ties with Game Attack.

Leaving GameAttack[]

In July 2020, Craig announced that he was leaving GameAttack in order to start his own solo podcast.[2]