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Corey Pettit
Birthday -
Nickname none
Status / Role Former member
Current shows Unknown

Social Media
Arrived at ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2008
Left ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2010

Corey Pettit is a former staff member of ScrewAttack. She was the Public Relations Manager. She also had some major roles in Clip of the Week's, Hard News, and narrated the introductions of Metal Gear Ben.

Corey joined the ScrewAttack team in April 2008, where she held her role as the Media / Public Relations Director. She also helped put on SGC. Corey left ScrewAttack in November 2010.

Corey is well known for her hatred of BattleToads. There were often jokes about Corey changing her hair color to blonde.

Corey has visited ScrewAttack since she left on several occasions, and has competed in Mario Party After Dark. Corey was a member of the Former Staff panel at SGC 2013.

In 2019, Corey lent her voice to Mitsuru in the Weiss vs Mitsuru Death Battle.

ScrewAttack Roles[]

Corey was the Public Relations Manager at ScrewAttack, hosted several episodes of Hard News when Destin wasn't available, and starred in Metal Gear Ben and Clip of the Weeks. Corey also hosted several episodes of Sidescrollers.

After ScrewAttack[]

Corey left ScrewAttack and worked as communications specialist, before becoming a flight attendant. In 2019, Corey returned to the entertainment industry as a voice artist[1]. One of her voice roles was to return to ScrewAttack in an episode of Death Battle.

Shows she has worked on[]

Clip of the Week, Metal Gear Ben, Hard News, Mario Party After Dark, Sidescrollers, Death Battle