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Clones of Liberty is the sixth episode of Metal Gear Ben.

Clones of Liberty
Cast James Rolfe, Destin, Ben, Corey, Chad, Nick (uncredited), Bryan, Jose, Wajahat Khan, Dane Sanders, Brent Fuller, several g1s on the Previously On Segment
Commentary Cast Ben, Nick, Chad
Upload Date March 15th 2010



As Colonel Corey has been kidnapped, instead of her doing the Previously On segment, g1's took up the role instead.

Destin announces to Iron Cog that the trap for Ben has been set. Destin isn't sure about how their weapon will work as it wants to kill Iron Cog. Iron Cog thinks that they will destroy each other, and makes sounds with his mouth to demonstrate how this will happen.

Ben puts on the Metal Gear Ben outfit. He reaches Foggy Noah's Island. He calls Octagon. Octagon gives him a long series of instructions on how to get to Corey. Ben decides that he will find her himself.

Ben stealthily walks through the building. Mega Mantis catches him and Ben is flipped upside down. He sees Iron Cog and tries to punch him, but he disappears. Jose appears and Ben tries to talk to him only for Jose to turn into Iron Cog, who says that Jose is dead. Iron Cog shoots Ben. It turns out to be an illusion, and Ben gets up and sees Destin. He wakes himself up and finds himself on a chair. Ben runs from Mega Mantis.

The two soldiers from earlier on are talking, and Ben sneaks past them, but sneezes. Ben tricks them by saying he is invisible.

Ben finds Corey, and Corey is not happy to see him. A ninja jumps from under a box and tries to hit Ben with a sword. The ninja reveals that he is another Ben - Metallic Ben. He wants to kill all the other Ben's to be the alpha Ben. Metallic Ben tries to slow down time, and Ben shoots him. They continue to fight.

Meanwhile, Chad and Ace Bryan are outside the building. Bryan has flown Chad in. Chad tells Bryan to throw himself into the fire if a bunch of enemies are chasing him. Bryan doesn't like the sound of this. Chad is seen by a gangster soldier and is confused by him. Chad tells him to correct how he is holding his gun. Chad tells him to just shoot at him. The soldier shoots, and falls over backwards. Chad enters the building.

Back to Ben and Metallic Ben, Ben tries to kill Metallic Ben with the X-Virus, but it doesn't work. Ben frees Corey, who claims she was napping. Ben's codec rings, and Ben stabs Metallic Ben while he is distracted. Corey shoots Metallic Ben to finish him off.

Chad tells Ben that he has the antidote. Metallic Ben reveals that he was just trying to find someone to beat him. Ben says that this sounds stupid. Metallic Ben tells Ben to enter the code on the back of the box. Corey finds the box with Iron Cog's codec on it. Ben can now listen in to Destin and Iron Cog's conversation. Destin reveals that he is hitting a game store with a code J.O.S.E. Jose is then seen with the Lolazer, shooting up a game store.

New Codec Numbers[]





  • Wajahat Khan
  • Dane Sanders
  • Brent Fuller

"Previously On" Submissions[]

  • Christina "Prismaya" Warren
  • NovaSpec
  • Helen J. Spence
  • Liz "Yuna7780" Serowka
  • Nicolas Pigeon
  • TMF128
  • Clumsy Johan
  • Tom-Erik "Tren" Enger
  • Davis "Kingofclubs" Bridges
  • GameJudge


  • Jake Evans
  • dugthefreshest
  • Brian Farmer
  • Ramses Arreola
  • Carf
  • Kevin Bouchard
  • Paul Mika
  • humbleforcupcake
  • Ryan Fitzgerald

Camera Operators[]

  • Nick Cramer
  • Ben Singer

Boom Operators[]


  • Bryan Baker
  • Ryan Stout


  • Ben Singer
  • Ryan Stout

Asst. Director[]

  • Nick Cramer

Official Artwork[]

  • Mike Scally

Primary Composers[]

  • Marc Marta
  • Tansunn Kitsuki

Motion Graphics[]

  • Jake Singer

Written, directed, and edited by[]

  • Ben Singer


No one is around to do the de-brief, so Ben decided to take as many submissions as possible, and put them into the segment. Some were so good that Ben emailed the submitters to get them to put their full video onto the site.

Nick's idea was to add the Pac Man gag. The montage of Ben putting on his costume wasn't in the original script, and was put in to change the mood of the series. The office scene is Ben's Dad's office. Nick took a bunch of attempts to say everything he needed to do in his codec, inspired by Ace Ventura. The codecs are usually filmed together with both people. Chad is angry because Ben lied about how long they would have to film for on a Saturday at Ben's Dad's office. The Metallic Ben costume was worn by Chad most of the time, and had a used, smelly ski mask.

The scene with the two soldiers was one of the oldest pieces of footage that they filmed, and they now own the building that they were filming in. Chad works there for merchandise, and is used for the interrogation scene. Ben had to re-dub all of his Darth Vader like voice as Metallic Ben. Corey sat handcuffed to her chair for several hours.

Gangster Joe, played by Chad's friend, hits himself with his gun twice, and was bleeding. Chad hit a desk, the ceiling and even Ben's face with the sword. The first fan art that Chad ever received was of Chad being stabbed.


  • Despite being in this episode, Nick wasn't credited in the Starring section.