The Clip of the Week was a weekly skit show that began in 2008. It was retired in 2014. Each Clip would usually involved showing a commercial at the beginning of the video, and basing the rest of the video around that idea in a funny scenario. It usually involved using multiple (and sometimes all) ScrewAttack staff members in each video, and would be usually written, filmed and edited in one day (Friday's) and aired on the Saturday.

With the show being made entirely in one day and involving so many staff members, it eventually was forced to end in 2014 due to being too difficult to consistently produce.

List of episodes Edit

See List of episodes.

Choose Your Own Adventure Edit

The Clip of the Week was given a spin-off called Choose Your Own Adventure. In the first video, a clip would be seen in a similar way to the Clip of the Week (however usually without an actual clip). After this has played three options are shown to the viewer to click on, which will take them to another video which shows one alternative ending to the original video.

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