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Chad James
Birthday April 22nd 1986
Nickname none
Status / Role Current Member

Senior Manager, Host, Voice actor of Boomstick

Current shows Death Battle, Sidescrollers, Who Is, Reasons We Love

Social Media Facebook:


Arrived at ScrewAttack / GameAttack September 2008
Left ScrewAttack / GameAttack N/A

Chad James has had many roles over the years at ScrewAttack. He was first hired to manage merchandise and to help out with the Iron Man of Gaming, but quickly became popular due to his wit and entered into many videos, and became host of shows like Sidescrollers, Hard News and Death Battle.

He is easily recognized by his long hair. Since moving on from merchandise, he has become the Senior Manager and handles everything from script writing, to coordinating ScrewAttack Games to hosting many shows over the years.

Chad is married to his wife April (who is seen in ScrewAttack @ The Arcade Auction), and has a daughter named Kiera[1]. Before working at ScrewAttack, Chad worked at GameSpot, which was later turned into GameAttack. Chad is into fighting games, and making his own arcade sticks. Chad is very good at fixing electronics, and had a short lived show where he fixed video game consoles.

Chad is a long time friend of Sam. The pair are close friends and have shared many crazy drunken stories together. Chad skated a lot in his youth, is a gun enthusiast, and a huge fan of Street Fighter.

Chad also co-hosts FUNimation's Dubble Talk, alongside Justin Rojas, and former ScrewAttack member Lauren Moore.

ScrewAttack roles[]

Chad spent several years being in charge of ScrewAttack's merchandise. He has moved on to host many shows himself including Sidescrollers, Hard News, a let's play show called Hey! Let's Play! and of course Death Battle. His role today is Senior Manager and he works with ScrewAttack Games.

Chad has directed and scripted several episodes of the Clip of the Week, such as Chad Has a Better Idea.

Chad was also one of the hosts of both Screwin' Around and ScrewAttack Live. Chad teamed up with Jared to host Terrible Thursday, where the pair played horrible games together.

Alter ego's[]


Chad plays the role of Boomstick in Death Battle (and a short-lived reboot of The Armory). Boomstick's role is to be as redneck as possible with a southern accent and an addiction to guns and weaponry.

Shows he has worked on[]

Death Battle, Clip of the Week, Sidescrollers, Hey! Let's Play!, Hard News, The Reasons We Love, Screwin' Around, The Armory (reboot), Metal Gear Ben, Who Is etc.