Bryan Baker is an all rounder at ScrewAttack. He does everything from editing Video Game Vaults, to being the Community Manager to being the live show producer. Bryan is known for his epic beard, and his very friendly personality. Bryan is a sports fan, and frequently discusses wrestling and football with the chat during streams. He's also a solid Blanka player.

Bryan began interning at ScrewAttack in 2009.

ScrewAttack Roles Edit

Bryan started out at ScrewAttack as an intern. He started out as an editor of Video Game Vaults and other videos. He later received the role as Community Manager, and handled many Community roles such as the g1 of the year and the SAGY's. In 2014, his role slightly changed, no longer community manager, he became the Live Show Producer and as such has become a very popular staff member in the community.

Shows he has worked on Edit

Out of the Box, Clip of the Week, Video Game Vault (editor), Screwin' Around, ScrewAttack Live, Sidescrollers (producing), The Best Ever, Try Hard Podcast

Post ScrewAttack Edit

Bryan's final video with GameAttack was on May 1st 2017 on the Try Hard Podcast. Along with ScrewAttack, Bryan left to go to Austin to work on producing live content with Rooster Teeth.

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