The Bottoms up cup was supposed to be the replacement for Mario Party After Dark, with a round-robin competition between the staff of ScrewAttack. The Cup would involve drinking and competing, where the losing team of a round / point would have to take a sip. It didn't work out as well as hoped. The show began on October 19th 2013, but after low ratings and a draw on the table at the end of the competition, Bryan announced during a live stream in late 2014 that the Bottoms Up Cup was retired - just one stream away from completion


The teams Edit

Bonestorm - Craig and Sean

Rocket Death Lions - Sam and Ben


Lazer Wolvez - Chad and John

Slothcano - Bryan and Lauren

The matches Edit

Place airdates, games and detailed results for each match, plus a final ladder at the end of the competition.

Bonestorm vs Lazer Wolves Edit

Mario Tennis

Rocket Death Lions vs Slothcano Edit

NBA Jam, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart


Bonestorm vs Rocket Death Lions Edit

Rocket Death Lions vs Lazer Wolvez Edit

Slothcano vs Bonestorm Edit

Ladder Edit

Rocket Death Lions - 2 wins 1 loss

Lazer Wolvez - 2 wins 1 loss

Bonestorm - 1 win 2 losses

Slothcano - 1 win 2 losses

The Missing Final Stream Edit

While a final between Rocket Death Lions and Lazer Wolvez was supposed to happen, it was confirmed by Bryan during a livestream in late 2014 that Bottoms Up Cup was cancelled despite only have one more match to go before a winner would be revealed.

Later, Sam stated that he would be interested in completing the Bottoms Up Cup, but could not confirm it to happen.