Boomstick is a red-necked weapons enthusiest character for Death Battle voiced by Chad James .

Character / Personality

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Boomstick loves violence, guns and explosives. He appears to be a red-neck with a thirst for blood. 

Boomstick may appear as unintelligent, but in truth he can be very smart, especially when it comes to guns, as it's him not Wiz who goes into all the science of them. Boomstick was also able to accurately determine the monetary value of a solid gold Chain Chomp within seconds of Wiz calculating its total weight, without any assistance from Wiz whatsoever, and Wiz himself is surprised by this.

Boomstick is apparently a bird expert, but states he hates chickens after a bunch of them supposedly killed his grandfather.

He has a fat, ugly (supposedly) ex-wife who he makes fun of her every chance he gets.

He also doesn't get along with Wiz very well, making numerous death threats against him. Though they also appear to be close friends so it's debatable if he really means it.

In The Desk of Death Battle , he also shows to hate interns, and treats them poorly. Something Wiz agrees with, and one of the few times they get along.

Appearances outside of Death Battle

Boomstick hosted several episodes of the re-booted show The ArmoryHe has also competed in several episodes of the ScrewAttack Royal Rumble.

He has hosted several episodes of the Top 10's, including a cameo appearance in the Top 10 Education Games, before fully hosting Top 10 Boomsticks and Top 10 Futuristic Weapons.

Boomstick voices over the Death Battle segment in the  Club Mario Clip of the Week, and introduces Sonic as a rat (in Mario vs Sonic). In Unique Sponsorships, he and Wiz introduce the new sponsor, "Fran's Nipple Depuffers".

In The Desk of Death Battle, he regularly yells at Jocelyn and treats her poorly. In fact, this is one of the few things that Wiz and Boomstick agree on - their hatred of interns, and are both happy to take advantage of them.

Wiz and Boomstick made a crossover with Sonic's Channel together, in a let's play of Sonic CD[1]. Boomstick has shown up in the 13th episode of Red vs Blue Season 14, where Wiz and he oversee a Death Battle between two popular characters of the show.


  • Chad has revealed that when he started making the Boomstick voice, the voice hurt his throat badly, and he couldn't do the voice for a long period of time. He has more recently changed how he does the voice so he can do it for longer periods of time.
  • In Red vs Blue, it is hinted that the character of Sarge may be Boomstick's real father, who had run off to join the army and never came back.


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