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Wind Waker Wednesday was a Screwin' Around spin-off hosted by Ben and Lauren. Ben would play through the game as Wind Waker is his favorite Zelda game. Both hosts would dress up as either Link (Ben) or Tetra (Lauren) during their play-through. The show began during February 2012 and ended in July 2012. Other members of the ScrewAttack team also came into the streams, including Sam who attempted to rival Lauren's role as Tetra (and became Hobo Tetra), and Nick who Lauren dressed up as Tingle.

Between Wind Waker Wednesday and Lollipop Wednesday, the Iron Man of ScrewAttack was played during it's timeslot, and then the following week, Ben and Lauren played in Ben's old Animal Crossing game.

Lollipop Wednesday was the second game Lauren and Ben played through, but this time Lauren played. The game chosen was Lollipop Chainsaw. There was a competition for the people in the chat to guess how many times Lauren would die during the course of the game.

Mass Effect Adventure was the third and final Wednesday show. As well as Ben (who played while dressed in a Mass Effect jacket) and Lauren, Sam joined the cast. Also, a fog machine nicknamed "Fogginhimer" was also bought in to pour out smoke at dramatic moments - or when Sam wanted to annoy Ben. There was also a competition with the fans where the g1's would compete on making the best artwork pieces for the week, which would be voted on. The original plan was to play through all three Mass Effect games, but only Mass Effect 1 was finished. The chat was in charge of making decisions such as whether Shepard should be Paragon or Renegade during the course of the episode, and also make other decisions throughout. It aired between the 13th of September 2012 to May 2rd 2013.

List of episodes[]

Wind Waker Wednesday[]

  1. Lauren is a Pirate - February 2nd 2012
  2. Metal Gear PooP - February 9th 2012
  3. The Unwatchable episode - February 16th 2012 Note: This episode spans over 12 videos due to the video player messing up really badly!
  4. Now with more Link and Tetra - March 1st 2012
  5. Needs more Sass - March 8th 2012
  6. The Last Dragon Ball - March 15th 2012
  7. Tetra Gets Manly - March 22nd 2012 - Sam fills in for Lauren
  8. Who is Best Tetra? - March 29th 2012 - Sam tries to take over the show
  9. A Special Guest - April 5th 2012
  10. Fish People are Birds Now - April 12th 2012
  11. Zombie Survival Plans - April 19th 2012
  12. Two Cute Girls on a Couch? - April 26th 2012
  13. In Need of a Red Bull - May 3rd 2012
  14. Makar must Die! - May 10th 2012
  15. Hipster Tetra - May 24th 2012
  16. A Fake Wannabe Pirate - May 31st 2012
  17. Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! - June 14th 2012
  18. Finding the Cheeseforce - June 21st 2012 - Nick becomes involved with the show as Lauren dressed him as Tingle
  19. The Beginning of the End - June 28th 2012
  20. Finale Friday - July 7th 2012

Between Shows[]

  1. Animal Crossing - July 19th 2012

Lollipop Wednesday[]

  1. Zombies do Feel Pain - July 27th 2012
  2. She Forgot Pants - August 3rd 2012
  3. How Many Lives? - August 10th 2012
  4. Acid Trip - August 16th 2012
  5. Introducing Better Juliet - August 23rd 2012 - In this episode, Lauren was out, so Ben took Lauren's place, while Sam took Ben's place.
  6. Mastodon! Pterodactyl! - August 30th 2012
  7. The Zombie of All Zombies - September 6th 2012

Mass Effect Adventure[]


  1. Punching Some Faces - September 13th 2012
  2. Pirates of the Citadel - September 20th 2012
  3. Saving Doctor Liara - September 27th 2012
  4. Boondoggle to the Moon - October 5th 2012
  5. Space Sex on Feros - October 11th 2012
  6. Tracking the Matriarch - October 18th 2012
  7. Catfight - November 1st 2012
  8. Someone Dies - November 8th 2012
  9. From Finish to Start - November 15th 2012

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