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Ben Singer
Birthday September 3rd 1989
Nickname Highschool Ben

Metal Gear Ben (used for Clip of the Weeks, Metal Gear Ben series and APEX Tournament)

Status / Role Current Member

Editor, Writer / researcher of Death Battle, Senior Content Producer

Current shows Death Battle

Social Media Twitter:


Arrived at ScrewAttack / GameAttack May 2007 (hired in 2008)
Left ScrewAttack / GameAttack N/A

Ben Singer was the first staff member who was employed at ScrewAttack.

He began working at ScrewAttack when he was still in high school. Ben's high school also included other future ScrewAttack staff members including Nick, Jose and John. Ben was ScrewAttack's first intern alongside Jose in May 2007. He became a paid member of staff in 2008. At the same time, he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Cinematography and Film / Video Production, graduating in 2013[1].

He is currently the Senior Content Producer, and has bought many shows to ScrewAttack including Death Battle, Clip of the Week and Metal Gear Ben.

Ben is known for his love of Sonic the Hedgehog, which was his first game - which he played on PC. Outside of ScrewAttack he directs, writes and performs various productions.

ScrewAttack roles[]

As previously mentioned, Ben is the Senior Content Producer at ScrewAttack, and writes scripts for shows, edits videos, directs and stars in many of ScrewAttack's videos.

Ben has covered and participated in APEX, the biggest Smash Bros tournament in the world. He competed in Smash Bros Brawl, playing as Pit.

Ben also has hosted several episodes of Hard News, however, these are usually April Fools episodes, where Ben receives a horribly written script.

Ben produced, wrote, edited and acted in his first major project in Metal Gear Ben in 2009.

In its first season, Ben researched, voiced, wrote, edited, produced and animated Death Battle, which took a lot out of him. On top of that, he also had university and regular ScrewAttack commitments. Since season two, several other animators took over this role.

Ben has hosted many episodes of Screwin' Around and has appeared in all birthday marathons. Ben got his own subshow on Screwin' Around called Wind Waker Wednesday, where he and Lauren would play through Wind Waker.

Alter ego's[]

Wizard "Wiz"[]

Wiz is a mad scientist who plays a Straight Man role on Death Battle and is co-host to Boomstick. He can solve difficult maths problems and shows much more intelligence than his co-host.

Metal Gear Ben[]

Metal Gear Ben is a junior spy of the series with the same name. Ben has just been hired at ScrewAttack, and wasn't prepared for the chaos that he was about to be put into.

Shows that he has worked on[]

Death Battle, Metal Gear Ben, The Best Ever, Screwin' Around, Clip of the Week, Reviews etc.