Austin Harper is a former staff member of ScrewAttack. He joined the crew in 2014 as an assistant to Sam and eventually became a producer for ScrewAttack Games. Austin is known at ScrewAttack for being one of the more reserved members of the team and does not regularly appear in videos. That said, he is very friendly and personable at live events and has come out of his shell while co-hosting several episodes of ScrewAttack Live and Sidescrollers. Austin is the manager of the Texas based rock band, Werewolf Therewolf and one of his first appearances on stream involved him staying up for the entire 24 hour marathon, only to work a concert that night. He is also the owner of Mogg, the sloth puppet that appears on ScrewAttack Live.

On April 24, 2018, he announced on Twitter[1] that he would no longer a part of ScrewAttack, and that he is now a 2D Production Coordinator at RoosterTeeth[2].

Roles at ScrewAttack Edit

Austin produces games for the ScrewAttack Games brand and assists Sean with event management, running SGC 2015 while Sean was away on paternity leave.

Shows he has worked on Edit

ScrewAttack Live (co-host), Sidescrollers (co-host), Top 10s (editor), The Best EVER! (talent)

References Edit

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