The Advantage Program began in 2012. This program allows users to get videos without ads, formerly a larger player, and most importantly, exclusive content. Advantage costs $3.95 US a month or $40 a year. Sometimes, a code can be given out to g1s to be able to see content free for a short amount of time.


For the most part, Advantage Content is Sidescrollers Extended episodes, but there are also Behind the Scenes and Outtakes, as well as new content that non-Advantage members don't get to see at all. Shaun Bolen is the Advantage Program Manager and is in charge of producing Advantage content.

List of Advantage Content Edit

List of Sidescrollers Extended episodes

List of Advantage Content - that does not include Sidescrollers

Death Battle outtakes - blooper reels for Death Battle, some other Advantage Death Battle videos are on the above page.