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ScrewAttack is a video gaming website started in 2006 by Craig Skistimas (known as 'Stuttering Craig' on the site) and Thomas Hanley (known as 'Handsome Tom'). It started with just a daily podcast known as 'Sidescrollers' but has since become one of the leading websites in the gaming/entertainment world.


ScrewAttack became well known when it became an affiliate to Gametrailers in 2009, producing Top 10's and Video Game Vaults for them. Death Battle would go on to become ScrewAttack's most popular show.

ScrewAttack launched their own convention in 2009 called the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention (SGC). This would become an annual event where the ScrewAttack crew would throw a video game party with their fans and other YouTubers.

In March 2014, ScrewAttack was bought by FullScreen[1], forming the ScrewAttack Network, where ScrewAttack would held handle the thousands of YouTube content creators. Alongside this, ScrewAttack ventured into creating video games themselves, such as Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.

Late 2015, ScrewAttack was discussing with Rooster Teeth to merge their website into Rooster Teeth's, and become a member of the Rooster Teeth family. finally became a part of Rooster Teeth in March 2016. This opened up new potential, including working with Achievement Hunter and Funhaus, and hosting SGC at RTX in 2016.

On October 10, 2016, Craig, along with Shaun, Bryan, and Parker all left ScrewAttack to form Game Attack. However, they are still part of the Rooster Teeth family. In May 2017, Bryan left Game Attack to work as a Tech Director and Broadcasting Engineer at Rooster Teeth.

On February 4th 2019, Chad and Ben made a video announcing the end of ScrewAttack, rebranding the channel to Death Battle, officially cutting ties with the ScrewAttack brand.[2] This would later lead to the privatisation of many ScrewAttack videos from the YouTube channel a few months later.

On May 1st 2019, an announcement was made that GameAttack would be formally leaving Rooster Teeth and become independent.[3] On July 17th 2020, Craig left GameAttack to start a podcast channel on his own.[4]

Current ScrewAttack crew[]

  • Ben Singer ("HighSchool Ben") - Senior Content Producer
  • Chad James - Senior Manager
  • Sam Mitchell - Merchandise Director
  • Sean Hinz - Senior Manager / News & Events
  • Gerardo Mejia aka Hybrid Rain - Video Editor
  • Luis Cruz - Animator
  • Noel Wiggins - Editor
  • Joshua Kazemi - Editor
  • Alex Carriles - Compositing Artist
  • Kristina Christofferson - Animator and Story Artist
  • David Fischer - Animator
  • Paige Stork - Storyboard Artist and Character Animator for DEATH BATTLE
  • Thac Nguyen - Writing Intern
  • Nick Cramer ("Nervous Nick") - Content Producer

Current GameAttack crew[]

Former Staff[]