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• 6/6/2017

ScrewAttack Quiz

Hi. I'm looking to increase the population of the wiki, and perhaps get people talking. I do love a good quiz, so maybe this will be a way of creating a sense of community.

I will ask ten questions about ScrewAttack (or GameAttack), and you guys can search for the answers. All of the answers are located on this wiki. After a week or two (depending on popularity), I will reply with the answers. All answers are located within the pages of this wiki.

  1. Who was the runner up to the first Mario Party After Dark, and how much did they lose by?
  2. Which was the first Death Battle to end in a draw?
  3. Apart from Jared and Lauren, only two other people appeared on Newsroom. Name one of them.
  4. Which game did the name Mogg come from, which was played on ScrewAttack Live?
  5. In the Clip of the Week episode Unique Sponsorships, what was the questionable sponsor for Screwin' Around?
  6. What is The Best Ever NES game according to everyone?
  7. Who won the Iron-Man of ScrewAttack?
  8. What was hidden in the room that Craig could never get to in A Link to the Past?
  9. What game was played on the first episode of Four Play on the GameAttack channel, launching GameAttack?
  10. What was Ben's nickname when he was first hired by Craig?

Good luck! Leave your answers in the comments below, or tell me how many you knew before having to look them up! If I get a few people responding, I'll continue doing these. If anyone has any tips on other ideas to get people communicating on this wiki, let me know in the comments as well.

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• 6/21/2017

Correct Answers

  1. Jared, by 1 coin
  2. Goomba vs Koopa
  3. Brentalfloss or Drake
  4. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  5. North Korea
  6. Super Mario Bros 3
  7. Chad
  8. 6 pots, 3 chests, 4 hearts, 10 arrows, 3 bombs and 300 rupees
  9. Mario Party 10
  10. Highschool Ben
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