Craig 'leaving', GameAttack, do we need a new wiki?, general updates

Here are my thoughts on the recent update video.

Craig 'leaving' (alongside Parker, Bryan and Shaun) will not affect how this wiki is run. Since they aren't leaving Rooster Teeth or even the office, there is no reason to change their statuses. All four personalities are still at ScrewAttack as far as this wiki is concerned.

As for GameAttack , the page for that will be updated with the latest thumbnails and logos (after I am finished with Hey Lets Play), and the page will be brought up to date. Different shows on GameAttack will have new pages added to them. The current GameAttack (Show) page will be redirected with Four Play as the show has changed its name.

Do we need a new wiki for GameAttack? No. It is apart of ScrewAttack (and still has a g1 in it), and has the same people in the same office. We already have a page for GameAttack, and the content from the new YouTube and site will feed from that.

Further updates: After Hey! Lets Play! is completed, I will be moving on to getting GameAttack up to date. After that will be the remaining Random Awesomeness / Advantage Content videos. Looking to 2017, Hard News will finally get the big update it needs, and Sidescrollers will finally start getting pages.