Merging into Rooster Teeth - what does that mean for us?

If you've been paying attention to ScrewAttack lately, chances are you know that as of the end of this week, ScrewAttack will be intergrating the site over to the Rooster Teeth site. So, what does that mean for this wiki here?

  • We will have to change the URL's on all of our pages over to the new URL.
  • Upload dates will remain the same. If thumbnails change, they can be updated or added onto the page in a gallery.
  • No pages need to be removed, even if shows are cancelled or videos are taken down from the site or YouTube.
  • List pages will make it easier to be linked to the site, rather than YouTube. We prefer links to videos on the site, and this will make it easier for it.
  • A few pages (like the history page) will need to be updated to accomodate the change.
  • We don't need to add info about Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter or Funhaus anywhere apart from affiliates pages. On a related note, if wikis for those groups are interested in affiliating with us, we will be more than happy to!

Other than that, it will be business as usual. The link changes won't be able to happen straight away, unless someone wants to take that project upon themselves for a while. I will be continueing to add Random Awesomeness videos, and continue to update pages. After that, I will attempt the conversion.

As usual, any questions or comments can go below in the comments!