Spotlight, 2015 overview, Death Battle rule, goals for 2016

Hi all. Just a few announcements before the end of the year.

1. First of all, last week this wiki was Spotlighted on Wikia, so congratulations to us for achieving that goal.

2. This year was a great first year, and we well exceeded our goal of 450 pages. Thanks to everyone who has helped out, especially the couple of people who have been getting pages up to date and finding old videos that weren't already on pages.

3. Now leading into next year, I am really hoping for some expansion. I really want to have more people on this wiki making edits. There are literally thousands more pages that need to be created. I would really be hoping to get another admin in to help out. This job is far too big for 1 person and a few others that only do more recent videos. I need someone to help out with videos from before 2012. If you were a g1 back then, I need you!

If you look at this wiki and have no idea what you could possibly edit, you probably don't watch much ScrewAttack content! If you are confused, come and see me. I'll give you a task to get started on.

4. Unfortunately, I do need to remind people that Death Battle discussion and suggestions are not allowed on this wiki, especially not on the comments sections of Death Battle pages. Look at those pages comments sections already! They are far too long, and are mostly filled with unimportant information. And that doesn't count what has been deleted!

Death Battle causes a lot of spam, and a lot of arguing, so we want to have as little focus on it as possible. If anyone wants to discuss why this rule is in place, ask in the comments here. Because of this, anyone who makes starts to spam Death Battle suggestions, or makes discussion about episodes may face a short block without warning. They will also be asked to go to the Death Battle wiki, as that place is more designed for that kind of thing.

Thanks everyone for coming out. If you have any comments, concerns, feedback or anything else, please talk to me, and I will help out with whatever I can. Merry Christmas everyone.

Prowler64 Talk PageProwler64sig 20:18, December 20, 2015 (UTC)