Introduction + missing Clip of the Week

Hi. Because there are so many videos that ScrewAttack have made over the years some videos end up missing. So I have set up this board to help out anyone who wants their favorite videos or shows listed on this site, but don't want to write a full article or can't find a particular video.

If you know of a video that doesn't have a page on this site yet (or simply need help finding one), please start a thread on this board. I'll also accept entire shows, people, characters and anything else that should be given a page.

When suggesting a video, please provide some kind of link (to YouTube, blip, ScrewAttack, the Internet Archive, GameTrailers, whatever else) if you can, or at least the full title, or fail that, a description on what happens in the video.

I'll start. I saw a Clip of the Week on ScrewAttack TV, where Chad is initiated to ScrewAttack with Jose hitting him in the balls. Craig walks in and says that he had nothing to do with the making of the clip. I can't find it on the site, nor do I know the title. If anyone knows which Clip I'm talking about, please help out by linking it in this thread. Thanks!

Prowler64 Talk PageProwler64sig 07:18, November 6, 2015 (UTC)